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Hi Jack, Thank you for reaching out. I passed my exam with 92% mark, thanks to your program!! :-) I have decided to join an insurance brokerage. It is my 3rd month and I truly love it.

- Halina G

I wanted to let you know I passed my equivalency exam with an 85% and it is all thanks to you and your program which was the only program I used. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools needed to further my career. I will be sure to leave a review.

- Shelby M, Ontario

Thank you! The course modules are really easy to understand. Bambi, who is a friend of Jack, introduced me to this.

- Kanyarat P, Ontario

PNC Learning was the best at-home study course for Fundamentals of Insurance. I enrolled and studied for 3 weeks and passed my exam! They were so helpful and quick to answer any question I had, which made the material easy to understand. I highly recommend this course and I've already directed 2 other people to PNC and one of them passed her test as well.

- Rachel Watkins, British Columbia

Woop Woop!! Passed this time! Thanks for your help!

- Sameer Kanji, Alberta

Thanks for your help! PNC Learning has a great reputation! Many of my colleagues in my present company got their licenses through PNC learning. Your courses are very user friendly and easy to understand!

- Dorcas M, Ontario

I had a really wonderful experience with PNC for my Ontario Equivalency exam training, I passed the RIBO exam with 90%, therefore it was PNC as my first choice for training CE credits.

- Pam L, Ontario

I wish to thank you for your guidance and support during the preparation period. I wrote the exams today and have passed. I will be more than glad to recommend PNC to my friends and references for their exams.

- Abid H, Alberta

My name is Eduardo Matos. I enrolled on your course for the Ribo 1 Exam. I took the exam last Thursday and passed with an 86% on my first try. Thanks for offering an easy and practical course to take!! I would like to use the facility of being connected the corporate and employment partners you use.

- Eduardo M, Ontario

Recently I've passed the fundamentals exam (level one bc)

- Biying L, British Columbia

Hello! That's really kind, thank you! I was encouraged by my HR director to visit PNC learning since I need my broker licensing completed soon. Once I reviewed the website, it seemed customer friendly and I read some great reviews. Encouragement and good words from my colleagues solidified my impression and I proceeded to sign up. Thank you again, I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get =)

- Navleen

I PASSED!!! I'm so pumped!! Thanks!!! Thank you for your resources! They really paid off! I have to write an amazing review now! 😉 I've already told 4 people in my office to buy your course. It's soo helpful.

- Olivia S (HUB Insurance), British Columbia

I found PNC learning to be immensely helpful while I was studying for my grade 1 exam. Jack breaks down the textbook material so that it’s much easier to absorb and apply to situational questions. The course was easy to follow and covers everything I needed to know for the exam. I spent two weeks studying this course and was able to pass on my first attempt. It’s also one of the most affordable courses out there. I couldn’t recommend it more! Will definitely be using PNC for future courses!

- Rachael L, Alberta

The course was straight forward and I liked that component, length was good and it was on point.

- Mitchell B (COO @ Broker Zone), Ontario

Great tool to help pass General Level 1. Laid out well and easy to understand. Best part is that it si work at your own pace so was able to get through really quick.

- Adrienne S, Alberta

Hi Jack, Just wanted to let you know I passed the level 2 exam :) Your material is fantastic!

- Danielle C (BrokerLink), Alberta

There were a few ladies from another Archway office who used your course for CAIB 2 prep, and they really thought it was great so Archway has allowed me to use this training platform as well. Really liking the “go at your own pace” aspect as well, as from what I understand the IBANS sessions are not pre-recorded so you can only attend them on the specific dates/times available.

- Sarah L (Archway Insurance), Nova Scotia

Hi Jack, Just wanted to let you know I passed the level 2 exam :) Your material is fantastic!

- Jeff S, British Columbia

I've competed your course and passed the exam. I'm so thankful for your course because I passed from the first attempt with 87% mark.

- Ruslan A, Ontario

Hi Jacques, I wrote the AB General Level 1 today (1st attempt) and I passed. Your lecture notes and presentations were very helpful - so concise that remembering the important points was made much easier than I would have imagined. Thanks, and do continue to do what you do. Regards, Kalu 

- Kalu U, Alberta

Pnc learning alberta level 1 licencing course made the information very easy to understand and retain. Jack's course is the most affordable online course available. I would highly recommend this course

- Jatin M, Alberta

Hey dude! I just did the survey, course is super helpful, you're killing it Jack!

- Brodie Lee

Hi Jack, That’s a great tip. Thanks. Also, this course has been amazing in helping prepare me for my exam. Way better than I could have imagined!

- Abhay N (BrokerLink), Alberta

Thanks for the course. I have passed my OTL exam today. 

- Hina R, Ontario

Jacks commitment to his company is unparalleled. He responded promptly on the weekend and holidays both times I tried to reach him. I did have some tech issues and needed to work around those but the fact he reached out so quick is what mattered. Incredible value as well compared to taking the courses separately.

- Curtis

Your course is really great. What I enjoy most is how you’ve divided the program and it feels less overwhelming to acknowledge information this way. I can tell there is a lot of information, but I am not stressed out when I know I can play your voice recordings 500 times until I really understand a concept! Really happy I signed up with your program. Thank you so so much,

- Julia B, Ontario

Hi Jack, I'm glad to tell you that I passed the exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course and your generosity. 

- Bassam A, Alberta

Hey, I wasn't actually sure about my impression of the course until i actually took the Alberta Gen 1 exam. ... Once I went into the exam however, I found that everything you had provided through the course made it extremely easy to not only understand the questions that were being asked in the exam, but to also answer them in a quick manor! Which was really nice.  I had taken the LLQP course through Oliver's a few months back, and it had almost 900 pages of notes that I had to go through in under a month. So going down from 900 to 80, while having someone explain everything to you while going through the notes was extremely helpful, and made for the course to go by super quick. Now that I have the Gen 1 course done, it only really made sense to do the Gen 2 course through you as well.  Thanks for everything so far!!! Devon

- Devon S, Alberta

Hey! I wanted to let you know that I passed my Level 2 using your course! I had previously wrote the Level 2 using another course provider... However, I found using your course made me prepared with the information needed.. rather than information overload! I studied through the material over 3 days and then wrote and passed - so THANK YOU! Your notes and recordings made it easy for me to learn the information!

- Katlyn B, Alberta (The Co-operators)

As a owner of a brokerage I have to order multiple courses a year to get my team licensed and excel in there continuing education. We have ordered different courses from RIBO licensing to designations, I am very pleased with the quick responses from PNC wonderful communication and the information taught in the courses is to the point, The prices of the courses are just as efficient as the lessons themselves.

- Omar C, Ontario

Just FYI. Just found out I passed L1 exam. Will progress to L2. You exam tip is right… the exam is detailed and asked questions in such a way that made sure you understood the concept…. Vs by straight memorization…. I actually didn’t feel that confident after the exam, but important thing I pass I guess… Progressing to Level 2 studies now. Thanks for your prompt response to my questions.

- Herbert L, Alberta

I took the Alberta General Level 1 this morning and passed! I also got a job as a Client Care Representative yesterday.

- Kurtis H, Alberta

Hi Jack,it's Amit from Calgary. I passed the Level 1 exam today. Your suggestion was so helpful regarding the "reading practice question from the book". I found a lot of questions were from the book. Thank you so much for your help.

- BK Amit, Alberta

Thank you so much for your support throughout this course. I think you've done a wonderful job here and would happily recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a broker.

- Alex C, Ontario

Now I need a brokerage within one year to fulfill my license. I can’t believe I did it.

- Candace W, Alberta

I have recently passed my General Insurance Level 1 exam and I am very excited to begin my career in the insurance industry.

- Ryan M, Alberta

Just to let you know I passed the General Level 1 exams!

- Laura W

PNC learning helped me tremendously in understanding complicated text with broken down examples and easy to ready and study content. The extra study sources were a great aid in passing my exam. Highly recommend this!

- Brett Lucas

Hi Jack, Just want to let you know that i did pass the exam! With a good mark of 81%! Quite an achievement for me for a first time taker. Can’t further express how happy I am. Thanks for your course material and all the support whenever i need some clarifications! Everything was on point and what I just needed to know to pass the exam. Now my next step is to find a firm that will hire me as a broker. To be honest im quite anxious about this as i’ve never been to this field before. Any insights on what should i expect on the job? Or what would be the deals they might offer me? I would greatly appreciate any insight you can provide. 

- Papillon A, Ontario

Good day dear PNC learning team, Thank you for your welcome email! My first impression of your online course is that it is user-friendly; and also the course is well planned. Your course makes my learning process easier. One of the most important reasons I signed up your course was because of Jack’s professional support. Jack always replies my inquires promptly, even immediately. His answers to my questions are clear and helpful, which makes me have more confidence on PNC Learning. I am glad I find PNC learning and Jack when I decide to pursue my career in general insurance industry. Best regards,

- Lin Lin

I cleared my fundamentals of insurance exam just by studying for two days. His lectures and notes are all you need to clear the exam. Almost all the questions which appeared on the exam were similar to the practise questions. I definitely recommend PNC learning than other institutions. I am so grateful to PNC learning because without them I would not have been able to clear my exam in such short time.

- Lovejot K, British Columbia

The course really helped me prep as I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to studying. Using your course helped me focus my studying effort and it was really helpful. 

- Brighton G, British Columbia

First day at new job. The Co-Operators took me on. Your modules were indispensable for passing that fundamentals test. Ill be back for CAIB 2 in a few months. :)

- Thomas J, British Columbia

Just wanted to let you know I passed my caib 2 exam with 70%, i really appreciate all your help and your material is fantastic. I will be definitely registering for Caib3 now from PNC learning.

- Ninder S, British Columbia

Awesome, thank you so much! I didn't expected that I really appreciate your customer service Thank you again Appreciate it 

- Paresh K, Ontario

Woop Woop!! Passed this time! Thanks for your help!

- Sameer K, Ontario

I passed! Failed the first time with 62%. Passed the second time with 75%.

- Sonia B, Alberta

I wrote my exam on April 30th and passed with a 74%.  Now to look at Level 2.

- Kea D, Alberta

Wanted to say a thank you for assisting in job search and referring me to Brandon at PGI. Everything is going great and I passed my exam first go around. I am quite happy how it's all turning out. Thanks again.

- Sean G, British Columbia

Thank you Jacques, I passed my exam yesterday first try. Your explanations are easy to follow and your response to my inquiry was speedy. Much appreciated

- Tanya B, British Columbia

Hi Jack, Thank you for everything! I passed with a score of 76%, now to finish my at work training. I really appreciate everything you have done. This course really was a live saver!

- Shae-Lynn C (Western Financial Group), British Columbia

Hi Jack, Thank you for following up. I have taken the level 1 exam and passed.

- Ayomikun A, Alberta

Jack's courses are the best. I took my Fundamentals through PNC, and my CAIB 2, and now I'm on to my CAIB 3 soon. I love that you have the option of listening to the course, reading the course, or both. Jack throws in some great examples of different situations or coverage, which makes it easy to grasp the concepts. I highly recommend PNC Learning!

- Rachel O'Neill, British Columbia (Westland Insurance)

Hi Thank you so much for your email Actually after visit your website and sign up i sent you msg and you answered me immediately in detail and i noticed that how you care about your students. I decided to sign up and enrol the course.

- Sepehr T

Hi Jack, Thanks for following up. I wrote the exam in March and did well. The course did make it easier.

- Steve G

I studied for my level 1 through your material and the results were outstanding.

- Jay D, British Columbia

Good Morning Jack, The remark resulted in a passing mark of 60%. Thanks for all your guidance ! 

- Mohak G, British Columbia

Hello there, I am planning to take my CAIB 2 and 3 exam before March 2021. I studied for my level 1 through your material and the results were outstanding.

- Jay D, British Columbia

Wrote my General Level 1 Exam in Calgary last Friday and got my mark back today - Passed. Wanted to thank you for the helpful course and support.

- Callum W

What really impressed me was people's reviews and all, the only thing that convinced me was the way Jacques was polite in answering my enquiries.  Excellent customer service delivery I must say.

- Olu

I just passed my Fundamentals in BC first try with a score of 75%, thank you for the course and additional help when requested. 😊

- Sierra Rose, British Columbia

Hello! I genuinely love the set up and how I can do it according to my time but still be able to get help from you!

- Roshni A


- Rene Y, Ontario

Hello Jack, Wanted to let you know that I passed the exam on 23rd Oct 2020. I have to prepare for the Level 2 now. Will contact you shortly for that too.

- Gaurav V

Hey Jack, I just wanted to say thanks for your General level 1 course... I ended up taking the test just 2 weeks after buying your course and I passed and was successfully hired because of that! I really enjoy how you format and present the material. I’ll definitely continue to use PNC Learning courses throughout my career.

- Rachael L, Alberta

Hey Jack, I forgot to let you know I passed my CAIB 3 exam so I won't need anymore extension on it.  Thank you for all your help through the COVID stuff.

- Brett S

I’ve completed a bit of chapter one. I am still trying to navigate through the slideshows, but the information I have learnt has been easier to digest than the boring Caib book my office supplied. I had looked between PNC, ILS, and IBAC, and I found PNC to be the best price compared to ILS and more interactive than the IBAC outdated trial I looked at. I hope these answers help you with feed back and look forward to continuing my education with your courses. Regards, 

- Alicia F

A very professional, organized and student oriented education! I was able to finish General Insurance Level 1 material in 2 weeks and in 2 more attended the licensing exam and passed on the first try. Huge thanks to Jack as he helped at any time and about any stupid question I had (even not related to the material). The audio was very well put and lots of questions to study from. I would recommend PNC Learning in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to start an insurance career. [UPDATE:] After 5 more weeks of studying for General Insurance Level 2 I was able to pass the exam. According to an article about level 2 only about 31% of people pass on first attempt, so please make your own conclusion. I was able to pass both levels in a span of 9 weeks and I am far from the best student out there but the course quality and the determination from Jack ( and I am sure other staff too) made it very possible.

- Igor S, Alberta

Thank You Jack and PNC Learning. The course material was easy to understand and so easy to access anywhere. I studied on my phone and in my office in my free time. Passed with 93%. Definitely recommend this course to all for RIBO Level1 exam!

- Nikhil C, Ontario

Hi Jack, I have passed my exam in first try. Your course was really helpful. I got lots of questions from my practise course

- Simran K

Thank you!  I find it great because it has the stuff I need to pass the course without any legal jargon and the stuff I don't need.  You guys have done a great job with this program.

- Arash K

I passed my General level 1! This is a great online course.  Just be patient and study the materials provided, practice, and practice in answering the questions. Ask help if need be. I thank Jack for his patience and support, very much appreciated! Cheers!

- Isabelle S, Alberta

To be fair there is a lot of information here that I am able to reference back too. Plus the audio has tons of explanations and examples. Thank you.

- Josh, Ontario

Hello Jack, I have passed my exam with 83%

- Heena J, Alberta

Hi Jack, Thank you for checking in. I have given my CAIB 2 and passed with a 80%. With the help of your course. Also on a side note - my co-worker is also working on her CAIB 3 and I have recommended her to sign up for the course as well once things normalize ,as I found it really helpful. We both had such a difference in our CAIB 2 score (with and without the course) I will definitely leave a review :)  [UPDATE: I was searching for a course that would support me with my CAIB 2 & 3 studies and I came across Jack's PNC learning. After looking at the free demo I decided to sign up for the CAIB 2 & 3 bundle. I started with by CAIB 2 and found it very useful. Every topic is explained in simple words and in a point system, which I found very useful. Practice exam after each chapter, mid-term practice along with the final exam practice. Also the option to text or email at anytime with questions. I scores 80% on my CAIB 2. Looking forward to completing CAIB 3 course with help of PNC learning. I would recommend PNC learning to everyone. Great course at an affordable price. - Pallavi. Kute, BC]

- Pallavi K, British Columbia (BC)

I got 78%. I followed your curriculum and it allowed me to greatly reduced my prep time. It was certainly an extremely efficient and effective way to pass the licensing exam. I will continue to promote your program throughout our organization.

- Jason M, Saskatchewan, The Co-operators

Hi Jack, Yes, I passed it on my first attempt. Thanks for all your support. Time for me to begin level two. 

- Deryk N, Alberta

Just want to say THANK YOU again for all your help and your practice questions. I have successfully passed the CAIB 2 with 86% 

- Qianwen (Rachel) T, British Columbia

I got my licence within a month through PNC. Highly recommended

- Jass C, Alberta

Hi Jack, Yes, I did take the exam for Fundamentals back on Dec 22 and passed.

- Deborah H, British Columbia

Hope you are doing good. Just wanted to inform you that I cleared the Level 1 exam and looking to start the Alberta Level 2 course

- Sachin G, Alberta

I just registered for CAIB 2 and 3 about 2 days ago (update: I passed the 2 exams in 8 weeks!) but I could not stop myself from writing a review this early. The slides are so good and the way he explains it makes it so easier to understand everything. When I needed help there is this chat available and they reply to you right away. It was a debate for me to go take this course in school or online and I am so glad i did it online. It saves time plus unlike school, you get prompt reply here while you are studying at home also I save travel time. The service is so good.

- Ramandeep Kaur, British Columbia

I got 90% in CAIB 2 b/c of Jack's course.  His material was great because he cuts out useless information & highlights key concepts.  I had all the info I needed.  He is also easily available to answer questions by text or phone.  If you put in the effort, he will support your success.

- Julian B, British Columbia

PNC Learning was the best on-line course I have taken for Fundamentals of Insurance which helped me tremendously.  I passed the  Fundamentals of Insurance exam 10 days after enrolling in the course.

The course is well laid out and easy to follow, I found it better than the text book (which was confusing and too much information). I liked PNC Learning's format of the audio /visual - which caters to both learning styles (auditory and visual learners), the tests after each chapter and the mock exams, all of which made for great exam preparation. I felt very supported all the way to the exam - thanks Jack! PNC was also very helpful and quick to answer questions - very impressive...all well worth the price!

I would not hesitate to use them again for CAIB 2 and 3 which may be a consideration for me.  Furthermore, I  would not hesitate to recommend PNC Learning to anyone considering getting into the insurance business.

- Cheryl D (The Co-operators)

Hi Jack, passed by RIBO 1 with 88%.  Thank you for your support.  I have one of my colleague, I may refer him to you.  Let me see which direction he plans to go.  

- Rosa F. CIP, Toronto

Thank you for reaching out. I’m excited to be here. I used to be licensed in BC years ago and was a Commercial Lines Assistant and worked for 9 years. I have completed my CAIB. I moved to Alberta 6 years ago and have mostly been a stay at home Mom to our 4 children. I had ordered the textbook to self study a few years ago but found I wasn’t quite ready. I love how you have streamlined this course to make it user friendly and look forward to writing my exam once they open up again so I can be licensed and hopefully find work in Alberta. My whole family is working from home, doing university from home and online school so I thought it was a good time to concentrate on my own studies again. They are very supportive. I really appreciate your assistance and will reach out if I have questions or concerns. Thanks again,

- Margaret B

Hi Jack, Good Afternoon ! First of all thank you for connecting me to Hewaida , She taught me very well . This morning I gave the Exam ( 1st Attempt ) and scored 74% . Now I would like to buy Level 2 Course .

- Sheila H

Heard about the course from relative in the industry. I like that it is organized and that it allows me to print material as find it helpful to jot little notes on the printed material!

- Sheila H

Passed my fundamentals exam! Thanks so much for all your help. The study materials were very helpful. 

- Sheela K, British Columbia

Hi Jack: Happy Canada Day. I wrote my RIBO equivalency exam June 26th. I found the content and learning extremely helpful and have referred the online learning to several other people I know. Very best regards,

- Judy W

Hi Jack, I just passed my general level 1 exam and would love to know about how to go about the next steps on how to get my license. Also, are there any discounts coming up so i can purchase the level 2 course material?. Thank you.

- Judith N, Alberta

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, have been very busy. Took my Level 1 Exam today and passed with an 82%. I will be taking Level 2, just not sure when I will be starting the course, might not be until the fall.

- Dana L, Alberta

I passed by fundamentals exam with 83%. I really wanted to thank you for PNC learning. It was such a wonderful help and really is the reason why I succeeded, thank you again!!!

- Emily, British Columbia

Hello Jaques, Thank you for your welcome email. I chose your online course because of my insurance broker. He is very knowledgeable and gives a great customer service. He started his studies at PNC Learning and currently taking the CAIB 3 I believe. This course is also more affordable than other ones I found. To be honest I like printed material and I like to underline the important parts of the text myself. I usually make my own notes and bullet points, find practical examples or even interpretations of my own, so the pre-underlined material is new for me. However, I trust your expertise and look forward to go through the material. I was wondering if I could get a printed version of all the downloads as I am not able to print them out myself. Thank you in advance. I went through the introduction today. As a first impression I think the course is well built, user friendly and easy to maneuver within. It looks like you really know what you are talking about and was well able to create a study course in order to pass your knowledge to others. Thank you for the opportunity to study with you and all the best! 

- Eva C, British Columbia

CAIB 2 exam taken and passed! Studying now for CAIB3.

- Colleen C

I am finding the course content very relatable and I love the set up. You will get a more than excellent review from me I have a learning disability so for me to be able to understand and absorb this material is insanely incredible and helpful

- Kel Z, Alberta

I just wanted to say the course is amazing! I took this course before receiving my textbook and even though I combined the two, I would have been ready after just this course. I will definitely be purchasing the CAIB 2 course in the future. It was a perfect course and I’d still give it 5 stars.  [UPDATE:] Thanks jack! I got a 90% and your course was definitely a factor in that. I'll definitely be registering for your CAIB 2 soon once I prepare to take it.  [UPDATE 2:] I scored an 83 on caib 2.  It's been a quick turnaround getting my level 1 and 2 license in just a few months but things have been going great.  Almost all advisor's in our three offices are using PNC now as well so I hope that helps. The courses are top notch.

- Levon F, Saskatchewan (The Co-operators)

The course was very helpful.  I haven’t heard from Kam yet, but Laura has passed the course as well. 

I am confident that whomever, else is taking the course will find it very helpful.

I enjoyed the way the course was laid out. The quiz after each chapter was a great help in retention for me.

Thanks again!

- Sandra G (Envision Financial), British Columbia

The quality of this learning course is unmatched. This course provides everything you need to pass the RIBO test and more. If it wasn't for this course I would not have got the e-mail today saying I am now a verified RIBO member. Not only is this course very user-friendly and easy to use, my mentor, Jack, answered all my questions I had with almost immediate responses even at ridiculous hours. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get into the insurance broker industry.

I passed with 80%!

- Aaron L, Ontario (course taken: RIBO 1)

Jack at PNC Learning, has helped me kick off my Insurance career dramatically. I'm currently enrolled in his CAIB 2 and CAIB 3 modules studying on getting my CAIB 4. Instead of the huge CAIB books Jack has broken it up to small modules with the most important information.

- Paul Sangha (InsureBC), British Columbia

I took your courses and passed 3 exams [Fundamentals of Insurance & CAIB 2 & 3] in 4 weeks!  I was listening to your lectures repeatedly on mobile and they were so easy to remember.  You explain things very well and your notes really distilled all the info in so few pages.  Thank you for making my certification process so short and easy.

- Rocky G. CAIB, British Columbia

Your notes were articulate, to the point and helped immensely to clear the first CAIB exam.  One day of focused and dedicated study was enough.  Jack - even on a Sunday was online to help out!!  So happy to have a mentor like him.

- Sanjay G, British Columbia

78% on my General Insurance.
71% on my CAIB 2 and I'm still working on my CAIB 3, but Jack has laid out the material close to perfection, so i'm confident that I'll pass that exam on the first attempt, like I did with the other two exams.
With no background in the insurance field prior to reading the course material, I'm pleasantly surprised I did so well on the exams. Thank you to  Jack/PNC Learning for laying it out so well, money well spent.

- Jason Lyne, British Columbia (The Co-operators)

I would like to thank you for the [CAIB 2] notes and audio. Even though it's short, it's really clear. When I read the book, I couldn't really imagine everything but your audio explains thing really well.

- Julia, British Columbia

I would like to thank you for the [CAIB 2] notes and audio. Even though it's short, it's really clear. When I read the book, I couldn't really imagine everything but your audio explains thing really well.

- Nav, Alberta

Hi Jack, You gave me course to study regarding fundamental course. I clear that exam now. 

- Sanchit T, British Columbia

Insurance is a new career for me in Canada as an immigrant. The PNC learning course for RIBO level 1 cleared my concepts about insurance and made it easy for me to understand how the business works. Videos are easy to understand and the notes reinforce the concepts taught. I was able to clear my exam in 9 months with a 90% passing rate and received an offer for employment in 2 weeks. Apart from this, Jack Wong was always there to answer any practice exam questions that was unclear to me.

- James C, Ontario

Hi there,

Thank you~~~~ Jack’s is very very helpful and his advice is very important and useful to me at this moment. With his knowledge, I trust your course is going to help me to pass the exam at earliest. 

Thanks for the greetings and I am truly looking forward to studying though your help.

- Meng W, Ontario

Thanks for reach out. I think the reason I attended this course because the price of this course is competitive, it's not that expensive. And I don't have too much time for preparing the exam, so this course allow me to get ready in two or three weeks. And the power point is pretty clear and straightforward, very helpful for self study. Thanks.

- Gina Q, Ontario

I knew I wanted to take the course and I liked the PNC approach. I have been asking a lot of questions and I certainly appreciate the immediate, personalized service. The timing works, the cost is certainly doable. For me, a lot of it had to do with Jack's communication. He always seems to be available to answer questions. I look forward to getting started next week. Thank you,

- Gina Q, Ontario

PNC Learning is a great learning tool.  It is well organized and laid out and really expedites the time required to learn the material.  Jack is very quick to respond to any questions.  I was able to pass my first 3 CAIB exams in a very short time.  I would recommend PNC to anyone taking the CAIB's. [UPDATE: CAIB 4 passed]

- Clayton Canart CAIB, Manitoba

Awesome, thank you so much!  I just started but I can tell that it is really good for like me that English is my second language.

Thank you in advance for the support.

- Noeme F, Alberta

Thanks to Jack, I was able to pass my exam. The course has slides that are very informative and provide you with everything you need to know. Also, if you are not sure about something, there is a live chat or you can email Jack your question and he gets back to you really quickly. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into insurance.

- Manveer K, British Columbia

Hello and thank you, I've studied for months and failed a few times. I purchased this program to get a little more course like studying. The voice notes helped a lot reading through together. I just finished my exam and feel really good about it. The program played a good role from learning new things I've missed before. I'll see what the final results are soon. Thank you again.

- Sebastian M, Ontario

After doing a lot of research on what course to take, who should I go thru, what would benefit me the most, I decided to go with PNC. I had reached out to a couple ladies that have taken your course from the Cooperators and PNC came highly recommended.

- Sara L, Alberta (The Co-operators)

Studying using your online course for my entry level RIBO exam (find it very easy to follow btw so thank you)!

- A D., Ontario

Hi Jack, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Fundamentals test! Thank you for helping me through the course.

- Glenna D, British Columbia

Hi Jack, I just wanted to let you know I passed my Level 2 exam today. I hope you can leave my account open through the weekend so I can finish out the content and show I completed 100% of the material. I will be recommending your program to a few colleagues of mine who will be attempting their Level 2 exams in the near future. I found your program and delivery very helpful. 

- Stacey C, Alberta

Hey Jack, thanks to you I passed my fundamentals to insurance exam on the first try! My CAIB 2 test is coming up and I was wondering if you had any tips or is there any topic that you recommend I study more in depth. Thanks. 

- Manik, British Columbia

Thanks for creating such an awesome course. Below are the things which helped me enrol for the course: 1) Price point, you have priced course at such a sweet spot that no one can resist it 2) As discussed with you, I am also a trainer and I like a disciplined and structured approach which is available in your course (I saw that in your sample content) My impression till now is that this is a great course, and I think I mentioned it earlier too that if you can embed the increase in the speed of the audio feature that will be the icing on the cake. 

- Rupinder M, Alberta

I am glad that I chose PNC Learning as my course provider for the RIBO Level 1 exams. It has just been a couple of days since I enrolled. My first impressions of the course is that the study material is very concise and to the point. It is in note form and this means that you do not have to make notes on your own. There are quizes after every chapter that tests your understanding of the topic. In short, the material is laid out in an excellent fashion. PNC Learning is cheaper than most other course providers. I was also impressed by the quick response I got from PNC Learning to the questions I had. I was so convinced by the quality and sincerity of the response, that I signed on right away.

- Clifford G, Ontario

As I read through your web sight, I saw that you had audio included in your course, practice test questions and simple language. The price was a clincher 🙂:). I have started the course and really appreciated your little note to help me remember CART. This kind of help makes learning less daunting. I already like your style of teaching and I'm just in the introduction.

- Muriel R

The course’s first impression was: 

Super legit and just what I was looking for. It was recommended to me by a friend at the insurance office I work at and thank goodness for that.

Great jobs everyone over there! 

- Eric K, British Columbia

Hi Team, I am very thankful to you guys for passing my OTL exam. I even thank Hewaida separately for not only answering my doubts why the option is correct but even why other options are wrong.

- Pankaj N, Ontario

Hi there! I was really impressed with how simple the course layout was and how uncomplicated it is to do. I work three jobs and I’m trying to level up my insurance so that I can go down to just one job making more! I work full time in a brokerage and keep getting passed over to move out of auto insurance by people my company hires and I decided it will have to be me that makes the change to get to where I want to go!

- Arielle M, British Columbia

Hello, I researched many places and yours stood out for a few reasons. Cost, amount of time I’m able to access course, your guarantee, chat support and the fact that you make it easier to learn. I’m very excited to start my journey with you.

- Cherie S

Appreciate your kind note.  Will continue to provide your course as a recommendation as I've heard great things.  My friend James G also took your course and just recently passed his level 1 yesterday!

- Chantz F

Hi Jack. I passed my fundamentals of insurance exam today.  86%.  Thanks for the course material.  It was excellent 🙏🏻 

- Bonny S, British Columbia

Yes I managed to access the alberta 1 course. Thanks for your help. And I will keep you updated on my progres [UPDATE: Perfect and concise course to achieve the objective of becoming a successful insurance professional at a very economical price.]

- Ashwani K, Alberta

Jack, I am excited to share that I cleared by RIBO ACT and By Laws.. All thanks to you.. It was the best investment I ever made. I found it hard to understand RIB ACT and hence was not able to clear it in the first try.. Your course made it easy to understand as it was put in simple language and it was narrated very clearly. I am planning to start my own brokerage and I can assure you that any new broker I plan to bring on board will go thru your course. I also want to highlight that fact that you are very responsive when it comes to getting questions answered. You dedication to your customers (students) is impeccable as you always respond very efficiently. In closing.. I would like to thank you again for being there for me .. Cheers Jay

- Jay A, Ontario

I was on my LAST attempt to the write the General Level 1 or else I would lose my position. I was so stressed out and didn't have the time to take an expensive insurance council recommended course. I tried to self study by reading the textbook, but there was so much material and I would get overwhelmed and flustered. I found PNC Learning and decided it was worth a shot. Jack's course was so easy to understand and he explained things in such a way that helped me remember everything.

With Jack's course, I passed on my third attempt. I got to keep my job and can finally sleep at night not worrying about tomorrow. THANKS JACK. I recommend his courses to everyone now and our office will be using PNC Learning as a recommendation for our staff when studying.

Thank you, Jack.

- Becca A, Alberta

Hi Jack, I just got the result: 86% [RIBO 1].  Thank you so much Jack!  You helped a lot.  Much appreciated.

- Cathy Jiang, Ontario

Thank you so much to the Incredible PNC team . Hewaida you made this possible for me and I can not thank you enough for the support .

- Sati K

I know I signed up for the bundle 1-4 CAIB around may last year, I did pass 1 & 2. I think this has been a pretty sound investment.

- Curtis

Honestly speaking to Jack assured me my support needs can be met from your organization. 

- Harmon G, Ontario

Many thanks Jack – I was freaking you’re a life saver!! I also looked back into my emails and there was a question on how we learned about the course, where I work (INTECH Risk Management) your course came highly recommended.

- Alexandra S, Ontario

Yes, [your course] was very helpful.  It saved my time.

- Junho H, Alberta

I would like to thank Jack for his help. If I have questions he is always there to help. The study handouts were very useful. English is my second language. With useful handouts and Jack's help I only took three days for study. I would like to give this course 5 stars!

- (Judy) Di Zheng, Alberta

Just to let you know, I passed the exam last February 4th.

- Jun P, Ontario

The course is designed well for me to go through as it’s online and I can listen to your presentation rather than studying the book which makes me feel sleepy :). My exam wel well today, the PNC online course was very much helpful. I could even write case study for 10 marks correct. Thanks again, Harika  [UPDATE: I got my exam results today. I got 85% , thank you again on your help.]

- Harika M, Ontario

Just wanted to say I wrote my Alberta Level 2 yesterday and passed!  This was my 4th write and this course helped immensely!  I am recommending it to everyone as that Alberta Level 2 is definitely one of the hardest exams out there.  Thank you so much!!

- Heather Y (The Co-operators), Alberta

Thanks for reaching out. I thought your instruction seemed clear and concise and I like the fact that I don't have to sift through huge textbooks. It seems that you guide your students through exactly what we'll need to know to pass the test and that's all I need. :) Convenience and clarity is key.

- Karen B

Thank you for this helpful learning tool/course. Completed it in about a week and then book my exam for a week or so after. somehow I passed the exam the first time so thank you very much.

- Niel T, Alberta

Good morning!🙏🏽 I am so glad to inform you that I passed segregated fund module. Thanks for your support. PNC learning course material helped me a lot and all your mock exams also other related link which you provided. I will refer your services to others too. 

- Vigi S

Thank you, it was laid out in an easy to comprehend method and loved the demo audio to. Thank you.

- Clara M

Hi Jacques I have passed general level 2 for Alberta. What is the next course towards CaIb for alberta. I am not sure if it’s level 3 or Caib 3 or how it works. PNC is awesome so whatever the next step is, I will obviously do it again thru PNC

- Karen T

Hello, I enrolled in your course, and passed my Ontario auto and RIBO with flying colours. Thank you,

- Karla S, Ontario

Thanks to Jack, I was able to pass my exam. The course has slides that are very informative and provide you with everything you need to know. Also, if you are not sure about something, there is a live chat or you can email Jack your question and he gets back to you really quickly. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into insurance.

- Manveer K, British Columbia

You explain things very well and it's very practical.  I am enjoying studying [the RIBO 1 course].

- Amir Z, Ontario

Hi ! Thank you for the warm welcome. First impression is that it's organized, meticulous and informative. I had heard some good things about the course through work of mouth, hence I signed up without any hesitation.

- Vik D, Alberta

Hi Jack! I got the result for my Gen Ins level 2 and I PASSED, :) Yeyyyy!! was hard, I thought I will not make it. Thanks for all your help:)

- Isabel, Alberta

I passed today with a 79%. Thank you.

- Paul G, Alberta

Hi Jack! I passed my level 2 exam today. Thank you so much for your help

- Anju H

The course has been really awesome so far. My mother in law is a commercial insurance broker and she told me about the course. [UPDATE:] Yes I've taken the exam and passed!

- Katharine C, British Columbia

Hi Jack, Thank you very much for your help and tips. Your course is really short, crisp and helpful in clarifying the concepts. I am reading thru the notes again and will attempt the final review exam again before going for the provincial exam. Will update you with results as well.

- Kathpalia A, Alberta

Good morning,

Thanks for reaching out I sincerely appreciate it!

My first impression of the course was fantastic, I am reaching out and have signed up because I am looking to change careers and move into the insurance world. I have an opportunity to become an adjuster if I can pass this course.

I had been given some text books from a friend from 2006-2009 and have been studying them for the last two months.

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful on my first two exam attempts and started looking online for some help.

I  am an interactive learner and need some interaction, feedback and the ability to ask questions when I am stuck or unclear.

Unfortunately with the books there was none of this.

I am excited to get started on your course and hope that it will give me the little extra I need to be successful when I write the exam next.

If it's ok I will be emailing some questions and concerns as I progress thru the course.

Sincerely, Brad


Hello Jack,

I did write the exam at the end of September and passed. I was offer a job that day and have been working as an adjuster since October 2, 2019.

I appreciate the follow up and was meaning to thank you for the course, it was extremely helpful and beneficial.

I have attended a seminar and received 3 CE credits and will be attending another next week for 3 more.

I will take a look into the CE subscription.

Appreciate all your help!

- Brad B, Alberta

All the courses are well defined. Basically, it is the structure of the course, detailed explanation of how it works for us when we register and how to prepare for the examsand the live support services for any clarifications are the first few important things which grabbed the attention and I selected to enroll for PNC. Thanks once again,

- Rajesh I, Ontario

Hi Jack, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this course as it has allowed me to pass the exam effectively. I will be sure to come back for level 2. Regards,

- Kyron P, Alberta

Jack, Just wanted to say how much I appreciate how taking time to check those [RIBO 1] quizzes. I do your quizzes as well of course. Quizzes to me are the most important. I just wanted to give you the feedback that I just think it's awesome that there is those explanations on the bottom of each question.

- Elaine G, Ontario

Hi Jacque, Thank you for the course I have successfully passed the Alberta General Insurance level 1 exam. Now to find an agency to take me on. As well complete my level 2. Kind Regards,

- Lana B, Alberta

Hi Jack, It's just to inform you that I passed my exam today with 73%. I am so happy and thanks to you for all your help and instant support.

- Varinder K

I got Level 1 from you last year and passed.  I work at HUB now and they want me to get a Level 2.  How much is it?

- Zachery Z, British Columbia (HUB International)

 It was very good and easy to learn. Talk to you soon.

- Angella B, Ontario

Good Morning Jack, I did take the exam and I passed :) thanks for all your help

- Michele J

Thank you for putting good words for me.  I really appreciate that.  Good news is I got a job offer today and just wanted to say thank you!  You helps me a lot.  You are an awesome person.  Cheers.

- Nicole H

Course material wise, I have not encountered anything particularly confusing so far. While there is a lot of material to cover and absorb, I am enjoying it thoroughly. I will make sure to reach out should any future concepts cause me any trouble. Thank you.

- Nicholas D, Alberta

Jacques has been incredible. The course is designed very well and he has compiled and worded the content simply for anyone to understand. He is also very quick to respond to any questions through text or email. I have successfully passed the Level 1 exam in 7 weeks and am currently studying for my Level 2 now :)

- Wendy L, British Columbia

Oh yes, I passed it a week after taking the course.

- Wendy B, Alberta

Your course was a huge help with Caib 2. I have also informed my HR department if there is anyone liking for extra help to refer to your site :)

- Kimberly M, Ontario

So far I'm very pleased with my decision to go with PNC, as I find the learning style to be more in line with how I take in knowledge. A couple of colleagues at my previous job took the course and successfully passed the exam, and after failing the exam myself twice with a different learning organization, I decided to go with PNC to try again.

- Shane L

Hi Jack, Happy to share with you I passed my Alberta General Insurance Level 1. Will get in touch with you shortly. Ned some advice on further steps. Thanks for all the help and support Regards

- Rajesh I, Alberta

Thank you for reaching out. I had actually taken the course previously to write my Fundamentals exam. The program worked great for my learning style and I was able to complete my four required exams in a months’ time. My superiors asked if I wished to further my learning and I was provided the CAIB 1 textbook. After going through the first section and trying to sift through the jargon, I decided that this course would be able to help me out a second time.

- Delany H, Saskatchewan (The Co-operators)

Hi, I was impressed by the speedy way to finish the course. I am not really good at reading heavy material. I need a efficient way to study and get the license as soon as possible.

- Anthony Y, Ontario

Hi Jacques, I took the level 1 test in early January and passed with 73%. I had an interview with Capri CMW

- Emmy L, British Columbia

I just passed my Fundamentals of Insurance exam today and wanted to drop by your office!

- Kris (크리스), British Columbia

I think it is probably because you can describe the content of the course in a very simple way, which is very important to me. In addition, you also provide Mandarin service on WeChat, which will help me answer some questions more effectively.

- Yvonne H, Ontario

Hi Jack! I passed my RIBO exam ! Thank you for your help and guidance ! I scored 85.5%!

- Sarah A, Ontario

Hey Jack, Thought i should let you know that i passed my RIBO exam. Thanks to your help and the course.

- Azeem R, Ontario

Thanks for the course it makes a lot easier to understand.Thanks

- Farah M, British Columbia

My mother and her boss told me about the course. They are insurance brokers. I have been studying this 600 page book for quite some time as I am on maternity leave and going back in July I was finding it hard to get through the book so they told me about this course and it was very appealing to me as there is a lot of one on one help and other things available from sources to help me get license.

- Kayla M, Ontario

This is just a general thank you from me to say I have loved your [CAIB 2] course.  It has helped me understand and I am looking forward to writing my exam (not literally).

- Lindsay E

Hey, Thank you! My first impression honestly was wondering if this is a legit company. It's cheaper, you allow 8 months for study unlike others that allow only 3 and you let students study until they pass their exam. It seemed to good to be real! I've wanted to sign up for a while now but needed to get some things together. I can't wait to start studying. Thank you again for the promo code as well. It's very appreciated. All of those reasons and the fact that you are so interactive with the students are all reasons why I decided I was going to go with your program. Thanks again!

- Liberty Y

Hello Jacques, I have purchased both CAIB 2 and CAIB 3 courses very close to a year ago. I have found them extremely useful in my studying. Thank you for that.

- Maria M

Hi Team(Jack)I am glad to inform you that I have passed my level 1 exam today with 76%. I am very excited. Thank you very much for the easy material that you provided for the preparation.

- Rupinder K, Alberta

I wrote my test back in March and I passed. Thank you for the course. It was a great help in my self-studying.

- Cory S, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you SO much for ALL of your support this past year. With giving me the free month of classes during covid, the support you gave to me by answering all my silly questions, and hiring Hiweida to help any more questions I had, the experience doing your course, was so worth signing up and paying for your course. I hope your business continues to be successful!

- Marisa P, Ontario

I passed CAIB 1 with 76%, Jack.  Thanks for all your help!

- Gavina Bains, Ontario

The course and material was great! I found it super easy to follow and loved the quizzes at the end of the chapter, found them super helpful! I found the course laid a great introduction for insurance and helped me pass the Alberta exam on the first attempt! Would definitely recommend this course to anyone!

- Mandey V, Alberta

My significant other is using your course to get his level 1 license 😊 and I found just reading the book for the level 2 was not very helpful, so I thought I’d try your course 😊 I’m going to start it tonight and hopefully pass my level 2 license in October 😊

- Lisa Z, Alberta

Thanks Jack, That went really well actually, thanks to your program

- Dan E

I’m not into books and the course was hard for me. PNC Learning made it simple and understanding. It’s worth the price! Thanks Jack :)

- Shima Soltani, British Columbia

Hello Jack, Hope you are doing well, thank you so much for your help. I appeared for my General Insurance Level 1 yesterday and cleared it.

- Gagandeep S, Alberta

Thank you very much for your help and caring. You really care for your students and that is great. 

- Sara E, Ontario

Hi Jack,I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Fundamentals test!Thank you for helping me through the course. 

- Glenda B

Good afternoon,I just wanted to let you know that I passed my AB General Level 2 exam on the first try thanks to your course! Great content and study notes!. 

- Tabatha F, Alberta


Thank you so much for the email, and reason I did sign up is cause I did the caib 2 study with your website back in 2017 and was super helpful! So now that am deciding to do my caib 3 I automatically came to your site again!


- Jomana M, 

Hello Jack,

Yes, I actually completed 1 & 2. I've already been hired and they will sponsor me for my license. I was hired only 2 days ago, so well be going through the process. I'll keep in mind u offer ce courses in the near future.

Thanks Jack!

- Barb B, British Columbia

It's worth the price of these courses just to have this guy's email address. Highly recommend you get this. The courses were so much better than falling asleep on my textbook + the advice I got through emailing Jack on getting my first few clients more than paid for the Level 2 Bundle [CAIB 2 & 3]. Thanks so much!

[UPDATE: Hey Jack I passed the CAIB 2 first try!  Time to move on to 3.  I honestly slacked off near the end and I still got by okay. That's something to be said for the courses! Lvl 2 here I come!]

- Kyle Roche, British Columbia

The main reason to sign up is that your quick response to my first email and also I don't have time to study the whole textbook. I feel the course is time-saving and efficient to me. 

- Jian Y

I wrote my CAIB 2 and I passed. 

- Julie P

I wrote my exam yesterday and I feel confident I got a pass this time! Your course really helps simplify.

- Kristy S, British Columbia

My first impression with this course is "this would make learning less boring"

- Abhinav B

I googled and tried to find out if I could get something and came across PNC Learning. My first impression - I am very amazed and would like to thank you so much for your effort in putting this course together. /span>

- Rani M

I was doing some research on the resources available for CAIB 4 and found you guys. I needed something different then self study.

- Ashley M/span>

Hello Jack, Thank you Super much for the support and knowledge from your course i pass my level 1 general insurance Exam with great score, Please can i ask for level 2 course as soon as possible.

- Vishal P, Alberta

This is not my first time for your course. I’m a returning student. Since I know how good the courses are, I just buy the course when I need to prepare my exam. I had Jacque’s personal tutor course for my CIAB2, finished my CAIB3 and CAIB4 using the online courses platform. Loved all the courses! Also, I found my other coworkers had or currently buy the course from you. I’m so glad this learning site is becoming so popular now! I just like to thank you again for building this great learning site & wish your business keep growing!

- Yuanni L 

Jack, The system you have in place at PNC works

- Paul C, Ontario

Thanks jack, took the pnc course and passed my AIC level 1 first try.

- Travis S, Alberta 

I passed my level 1 exam with a score of 86% . Thanks to PNC, I will like to see if I can go for the level 2 but I will need your guidance and advice.

- Ogunwole A, Alberta

I did the Alberta General level 1 course and loved the slide format, the way you would read the slides with a nice voice to listen to, and all the quizzes to keep me confident and engaged. I passed the very difficult exam on the first try. I need the RIBO equivalency and feel confident that your program will be the key to my success yet again. 

- Tamara C, Alberta 

 I like how simplified the content can be.

- Harout M 

 I signed up with PNC because it sounded like the most straight forward approach to learning the industry. .

- Marsha M 

 Good news I passed my Alberta general level 1 exam for the score of 90! 

- Han, Alberta M 

 The materials have very concise notes and I find it's interesting to study those valid points.

- Debbie M 

 Just wanted to say thanks for your learning course and assistance. Wrote my General Level 1 exam this morning and completed successfully.

- Dave M 

 Appreciate your service. I failed the first time by a point, so your practice questions helped me pass the 2nd time with just 3 days of study.

- Kemo M 

 So far the AB level 1 course is quite strong I'd say. Your website design and operability is well thought out.

- Rob, Alberta M 

 I like the course from what I have seen so far.

- Nicole M 

 The course is organized well in an efficient manner. 

- Patrick M 

 Because I am a new immigrant, my English foundation is relatively weak, I really want to learn but need a mother tongue support, and your course is obviously a very good tool to achieve success.

- Frank M 

 Passed the exam with a 71% couldn’t have done it this quick without your course and help.

- Joshua M 

 I chose your course because it can be completed quickly, simplifies the material and is affordable. 

- Marsha M 

 Thanks to your course, I ended up clearing my RIBO last month with 83%.

- Nida, Ontario M 

I have passed fundamental of insurance exam 

- Lili, Ontario

I wanted to let you know that I really like the way your study material is designed. Its very organized and very helpful.

- Luvleen S, Alberta

Hi Jack, I'm glad to tell you that I passed the exam.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course and your generosity. 

- Bassam A, Alberta

I’ve signed up one of my co-workers to get his level 1 license, and when he has completed it, I will be signing up for my level 2 !

I appreciate your checking in, and so far my co-worker is doing well with your course

- Lisa Z, Alberta

Jack’s course was straightforward, quick, and easy to study based on my own convenience. He responds quickly via chat and email to all my questions. I can’t say enough about his course. I passed my Fundamentals [of Insurance] exam on my first attempt and employed shortly after. I will definitely be taking his future courses! Thank you Jack !!

- Eric Wong, British Columbia

Jacques' notes are very useful - concentrated and highlighted on the main points. Helped me get through the CAIB exam with just one try. Highly recommended. Totally worth it.

- Kylie Hu (IN Insurance) British Columbia

Hello Jack, I am thankful to you for your course. I just passed my Alberta Level 1 exam with 75%.

- Lisa D, Alberta

Hello, I have been recently employed by Platform Insurance and in need of my RIBO license. They recommended your course and here I am! The course is very user friendly and informative.

- Janine S, Ontario

I would like to thank you  for the very helpful material. It only took me three month after-work time to pass the exam.  I do not think I can pass the exam without your book.  My friend also signed up.  [Update: Both Desire and I passed CAIB 2 & 3 in 1 try with your help and will start CAIB 1 & 4 next month.]

- Coco Zhang (Westland Insurance) British Columbia

Thanks for your great service!

- Y F, British Columbia

Great training!  Thank you for the CAIB [4] info, I will use the supplementary Level 3 guide for the rest of it.

- Ali V, Alberta

Hello! PNC has been an amazing platform for me which has tremendously helped me to meet my goals. I cleared my FOI and CAIB 2 with the help of PNC learning

- Lovejot K, Manitoba

Dear Jac, Hopefully my einds you okay. I would like to inform you that I am your student and I have passed the general level1 exam

- Adham S, Alberta

I passed today [the] Fundamentals of Insurance exam with 88%. 

- Harpinder G, British Columbia

Hi Jack, Just wanted to let you know I passed my Fundamentals exam with an 80%. Your course really helped, and your exam tips were very helpful!! Thanks so much! I'll be purchasing your CAIB 2&3 course when I take them!! Thanks again!

- Emily S, 

Thanks for reaching out. And Yes I have passed the exam. 

- Krystal Y, Alberta

It seems easy to study and looks organized. 

- Hannah S 

You have broken down all the unnecessary wording and simplified it. I signed up for the course as I wanted a career change and a friend who works for an Insurance Company in Ontario advised me to try PNC Learning as one of her co-workers did the PNC Learning RIBO course. 

- Anna A

First impression was simple and easy to understand, as easy to navigate.

- Rob V

Passed my exam today! Thanks for the helpful course. 

- Mackenzie K

I was pulled in by the modules. It makes it more interactive, like a game. I am using the videos in the background while I work to keep the textbook fresh in my head. I found you in my google searches and decided to give you a try, I don't know if there's currently anyone doing what you're doing. 

- Courtney B

With your perfect material my sister passed her CAIB2 exam. I can not wait to start my CAIB 2 exam with your website, we are happy that we have your support. 

- Mahbobeh M 

I am happy to let you know . I quite learned a lot from CAIB2 course and I managed to pass the exam with the score of 81 on Jan 28, 2022.

- Masoomeh M

It seemed like a good deal to get both level 1&2 done through you folks. 

- Joseph L

I just finished my CAIB course all 4 of them. I passed all of my course because of your course. I Aced my CAIB 1,3&4 thanks to your course.

- Justin N

My first impression was great, the language is simpler and way better than self studying. My colleagues at work have used your service and have said good things about you. Also the reviews online are encouraging. 

- Naz O

You give the study material a human element to it. It's simply not the same studying on your own with a bunch of notes. Also, you provide very good real life examples. 

- Kenneth K

I did do the CAIB 1 exam prep and I found that to be very helpful. All the information that I needed was there and I could study at my own pace, so I decided to come back for CAIB 2.

- Allan C

My Regional Manager suggested your website and another. The major thing that convinced me of your website over the other is the fact it’s at my own pace and the ability to contact someone for help with any questions 7 days a week. The fact the training takes the massive book and compresses it to just the stuff that I need to know is a huge bonus. 

- Kelli R

I was googling some caib studying tips and came across PNC Learning. After looking through the site and reviews, I forwarded it onto my manager to discuss and from there we thought it would benefit me in helping me study.

- Tamara B

Hi Jack & Hewaida,

I gave the exam yesterday again and passed it. The score was 84. Finally all the hardwork paid off. I would like to thank you and Hewaida for all the help with all my queries. She was very patient and promptly responded to all my mails.

- Urvashi S, Ontario

I just wanted to email you and let you know that your course is SO much easier to understand than studying the Fundamentals book- they left out a ton of stuff! Ive read through 1 almost 2 chapters now, and there is info that was on my first exam, that definitely was not in my textbook- now im definitely confident I will pass! The fundamentals book I noticed is “all over the place” and honestly does not make it simple to understand. BUT your course does. Its insane how much ive learned. 

- Emilie, British Columbia

Dear Jack,

Please note that I have passed the Level 1, Alberta Insurance Council Exam. Thanks for your help. Your course was indeed helpful. I am going to start studying for my Level 2 and your material would be helpful.

- Mat V, Alberta

Thank you for all your help. Your course has been a tremendous help for me. I thought I knew the information - but taking your course I have learned even more, managed to retain more information and feel morconfidentnt going into this next exam.

- Tabitha S, Alberta

Hey there! I really enjoyed using the PNC Learning program for my fundamentals of insurance course

- John M

My first impression of the course is: 1. details are clearly shown on the page. 2. the course seems fast-paced and efficient.  I signed up for the course because I was looking for an online course, and I am very happy to see you guys are having Chinese version note.  Thank, Chi

- Chi Y, Alberta

I would like to thank jack for helping me to pass my Fundamentals [of Insurance] on first try.  He was always available and willing to help when i had questions. His programs are simple and to the point very soon i will be writing my CAIB 2.  I highly recommend this program to any one who wants to pass the exam in short time.  [Update: CAIB 2 & 3 passed]

- Pranesh Bhan, British Columbia

Hi Jack, I want to let you know that I presented my exam on April 9.  I got 75%.

- Evelyn V, Alberta

Good afternoon Jack. I passed my Alberta level 1 course last Friday thanks for all the help tell me next step for my license 

- Nasib, Alberta

Hi everyone, I have just passed my CAIB 1 exam, I ordered the course three days before the exam. It was very good experience with PNC learning. Please make your own notes when you listen the slides. Attempt all the quizzes at the end of each chapter. Online help is  easily available if you have any question or if you do not understand any topic. I had spent only 20 hours on the course and passed my exam. I would advise every student  to take this course whoever  wants to pass the exam without lot of reading and hard work.

Here are few tips to save time
1 When you listen the slide make your own notes
2 Attempt the quiz at the end of each chapter
3 Online help is available if you have a question ask Jack,  he will send you an email or call you back on your phone

- Garry Athwal, British Columbia

Yes I have challenged and passed the level one exam and writing the level two exam in 4 days.

- John S, British Columbia

Used PNC learning to help with getting my Level 1 [Fundamentals of Insurance] licence and in all honesty was amazing. Helped me pass with 97%! :)

- Priman Gill, British Columbia

Hello Jacques, Thanks for following up. My first impression was great. Very nice setup. Although I have gone through a few slides now, I can say that the material is well derived ...  with good explanation.

- Tyler M, Ontario

Hi PNC Learning and Jacques,

I looked at different sites but yours was the most straight forward and having the sample course contents helped make my decision easier in choosing your site to study for the RIBO Level 1 for Ontario. I'm looking forward to learning the material and will be in touch if I have any questions. I appreciate you reaching out to welcome me and asking for feedback.

Thank you,

- Mehrnoush M, Ontario

Used the notes and resources for the Fundamentals of Ins. exam (bc), and passed with 12 hours of studying. Highly recommend there condensed notes and useful resources.

- Rajan Hans, British Columbia

Dear sir, Today received the result it's says exam passed.

- Ashish B, Alberta

Thank you for emailing me, my first impression was positive specially because of the good structure and organization I saw in your website. The "DEMO" played an important role in my decision making, as could already see that the content would be good and informative, as well as getting to know the instructor better, looking at his achievements etc, gave me confidence to sign up. I am glad with my decision and I'm sure that will play a key role in me being approved for the test.

- Gleison D, Ontario

Thanks a million. Without your help studying ... would have been a nightmare. The condensed notes/online slides made it really easy to study. See you in November.

- Siran K, British Columbia

Yes, they passed their Level 1 exam!  Thank you

- Kirsten Luu, Alberta (Manager @ Broker Link)

Your online [RIBO 1] course is much easier to handle and understand than the textbook!

- Janet, Ontario

Hi Jack, I just passed the Fundamentals, just want to thank you for your help :) I only studied for 5 days.

- Liu Xiaoxi (刘茜), British Columbia

Your [Alberta Level 2] lessons and sources are very useful and terrific! Thank you. 

- Grace J, Alberta

The course is going good so far and one of my friends did this course, she told me that this is a good course to go for.

- Parmeet K, British Columbia

Hi Jack It’s time saving and well prepared. Thx for this work. I recommend everyone who wants to be joining this industry. Pls prepare llqP as well. Thx

- Sukhwant L, Alberta

I just passed CAIB 2 (83%).  Thank you!

- Nji D, British Columbia

I Would definitely recommend PNC learning and Jacques. He made the material very easy to understand and was very quick in answering questions I had.

- Joshua M, Ontario

Hi Jack, I wrote my General Level 1 exam this morning and passed. My first attempt 

- Jennine L, Alberta

Hi Jacques, I have completed and passed both the CAIB 2 and 3!  I am also already employed at a great insurance place near me too.  Thanks so much for such a helpful course.

- Chelsea W, British Columbia

Commercial is not my forte. But this course seems to be making me understand it a bit more.

- Angele M, Alberta

I just received my CAIB 2 exam result and I PASSED. 

- Shafiq J, British Columbia

Today I passed Fundamentals and I am interested in starting CAIB 2 in January.  Could you give the pricing on that one please?

- Traci, British Columbia

Hi Jack,Cleared my AB general Level 1 today. Thanks for your brilliant course design. 

- Raj V, Alberta

Thanks Jack, it turned out that I passed.  I went through the entire Alberta level 1 course twice and did all of the practice quizzes.

- Bill K, Alberta

Thank you for your email. My first impression is that the information is clearly laid out and organized well. My studying time is limited so your program saves me time in organizing and whittling down the information and makes me more efficient.

- Jen P, Ontario

I’m not sure how often you get updates from students on their exam scores, but I wanted to let you know that I had done 20% better this time, I had passed CAIB 1 with 71%. I am fairly happy with this and I wanted to thank you for helping me reach that goal within the last few weeks. The additional material that you had provided was extremely helpful.

Thank you again, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally completed the first level.

- N'Chelle A, British Columbia

Hello.  I have passed the CAIB 3 exam.  Thanks for your help.

- Harpreet S, British Columbia

Hope all is well at your end. Just to let you know passed the level 1 exam last week, thanks for all your help and guidance .

- Taslim A, British Columbia

Hi Jack, Just wanna let you know that I passed my RIBO level 1 exam after I study your materials. It is really helpful! I just want to say thank you to you! I will study RIBO level 2 once I qualify! Thank you

- Xiao Z, Ontario

I really love what you've done with the course.  It really makes it easy for anyone, not just me, to study and learn the material.  I plan to build out a network of producers and they will all be reimbursed for your course as long as they pass.

- Jay A, Ontario

Hi Wong, Hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a line to inform you that I cleared my exam with 77%. Thanks. 

- Muhammad S, Ontario

Your explanations so far are pretty spot on.  And thanks for calling me to go over this surety concept.

- Dawn S, Ontario

amazing web site just register to my CAIB exam the follow up and the material detail amazing i will keep you posted after exam result but til now everything great . thank you Jack... update CAIB 1 passed with 85% thank you so much Jack i will keep posting after my second exam .

- Abir M, Alberta

Hi there!

So far it I am very happy with the recordings and the layout of the course. I am signed up to take my exam for CAIB 2 on the 3rd of December. Though I have looked into PNC Learning several times in the past, it was yesterday, talking to a colleague who recently took the fundamentals course, that I decided to enroll. He spoke very highly of this program and I admit I need the extra help to get myself prepared for the course.

I have very high hopes and am excited to pass that CAIB 2!

- Katie O, British Columbia

Before PNC I had tried the exam multiple times, spent a lot of money on other courses and was quite frustrated.

Thank you Jack for making your General insurance program detailed, structured and easy to absorb.

The practice questions helped a lot! Really appreciate it man! 

- Stephen W, Alberta

Yes I wrote my [Fundamentals of Insurance] exam on March 28th and passed with an 81%. I was hired by Capri Insurance in Lake Country just outside of Kelowna the same day.

Your course was very helpful and gave me all the tools I needed to be successful on my first attempt. So thank you for that. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get their license to do this course. 

- Mary L, British Columbia

I finished my CAIB 2  and CAIB 3 with help from PNC Learning. I do not know if you guys prepare students for Level 3. Please let me know. 

- Ivan C, British Columbia

Yes, I passed back in February.  I've been working at Desjardins since.

- Maeryll M, Ontario

Pleased to inform you that I have passed my RIBO level 1 exam. Thanks for your course!

- Sandy L, Ontario

I decided to take this to more focus on the material one on one rather than In a group and the distraction the group could create. I will be writing the test for OTL on sep 08 and so far I’m very impressed with how pnclearning is helping me. Thank you and look forward for the pass. 

- Esraa J, Ontario

I passed my Fundamentals of Insurance exam because of your videos! I also got a job and I start Monday! Thanks for doing what you do 

- Anonymous, Manitoba

I wrote the RIBO 2 this week and passed with 83% and I write CAIB 4 on Dec 5th.  I listened to your audio and they were a big help.

- Suzanne O, Ontario

Hey, Mr. Jacques. I passed my CAIB 3 back in December. I am now ready to do CAIB 1 and CAIB 4. I am planning to sign up for these soon!

- Shawn N, British Columbia

After leaving the industry for 3 years I needed to write the Alberta General Insurance Level 1 again to obtain work at the employer of my choice. I chose PNC and I was happy that I did. Easy to understand, great tutorials and strait to the point. I passed the General Level 1 on the first try. Thank you Jack, I will be back!

- Kim Z, Alberta

My first impression was that PNC learning was the most straight forward and easy to understand. I am completely new to the insurance industry, so at this point, I am easily confused by all the terminology and jargon. When my place of work gave me a list of options to choose from for studying for my level 1, your website was user friendly and didn't leave me feeling like I had no idea what was going on. I also like that everything is digital and can be done on my own timeline. [UPDATE: Good afternoon, I recently completed the General level 1 course and got my license!]

- Shawna E, Alberta

Just wanted to thank you for your help.  I passed with 80% strictly from the material you provided.  I don't even know what the textbook looks like.

- Gurjeet C

The course is very informative and helpful in order to achieve the success in the exam. The course content is organized and simplified to understand easily.

- Gurbir S

It was all clear and concise. I am working with the branch manager of the subsequent company I will be hired at, given that I pass the exam sunday. This has been an immense help in preparing for the test, as in person courses were closed due to Covid. Thanks a ton.

- Jack M, Ontario

I have completed and passed CAIB 2 (thank you!)  

- Sean S

Just passed the RIBO 1 Exam, I found the PNC Learning portal practical and affordable. Support is very good and turn around times are excellent.

- Rafiq H, Ontario

As you advised, I passed CAIB 2 with 86%... doing job now... yes your material was very helpful.

- Harpinder G, British Columbia

Hi Jack,

Just wanted to let you know I passed the Fundamentals exam and got 83%.  Thank you for your guidance.

Thank you

- Devkeshav K, British Columbia

I like the ease of learning insurance at my own pace with guided instruction.  This course is best for someone who is working and/or wanting to start a new career but can not commit to a full time class instruction.  I would be very disappointed if I could no longer use this program.

- Anonymous Survey Participant

I finally got it done and passed my level 1. I want to thank you for your continuous support during my study. PNCL were so helpful and quick to answer my questions. PNCL courses for general level 1 are user friendly and easy to understand even for the students having english as a second language and are not familiar with the insurance industry in Canada. PNCL provides great resources within the course. I highly recommend PNCL. I aim to continue my level 2 and other designations and now I know very well where to get my future courses from.

- Claude A

Just got my exam results back.  83%!!

- Amy H

I wrote my exam on April 30th and passed with a 74%. Now to look at Level 2. Thanks

- Kea D

Thank you! You are so helpful. I had a quick look at the link you provided and think that it will be helpful, I will read more later. I love how quickly you respond and provide solutions.

Well back to work I go.

- Julie M

This is Jonugk Choe I am Alberta General 1 online student. I would like to inform you that I took the first General insurance level 1 test April 9th and passed it. Thank you so much for the quality curriculum and instructions. I would love to apply for the courses on PNC learning when I am eligible to take level 2.

Well back to work I go.

- Jonguk C

Very easy to get around and follow the course. I would have to say the main reason I signed up for the course through PNC is because of you, You have been amazing to email with, Very understanding, very quick with getting back to me on alllllllll of my questions I had for you. you helped me understand what I was looking for.

- Brad H

Thank you Jack.  You're doing a tremendous job providing live chat assistance.

- Raj R, Alberta

Hi Jack, Thank you for reaching out, I ended up taking my level 1 exam and passed. I am currently registered for my level 2 through PNC as well and have access to the continuing education credit courses which I will be starting shortly.

- Eden H, Alberta

I was convinced to sign up as a few of my managers recommended your course. I currently work for Westland and they held your learning material in high regard as I wish to do all 4 CAIB courses. It is a pleasure to be aboard! 

- Tommy B, British Columbia

Thanks Jack. Course material is concise and clear and that is what I was looking for. Reading from textbooks takes time. Your course material makes more sense.

- Daivik M, British Columbia

Hi Jack, I would like to let you know that I passed my exam!!! I am so happy.  I would like to thank you with all your help.  I will write a Google review tonight.

- Amy M, Alberta

I've been listening to your course over the last 2 weeks and it's so strange hearing your voice in real life now.  Your course is much better than the book.  Some of the stuff in the book I don't even know what they're saying.

- M M, British Columbia

Hi Jack, studying is going well. Your course is really helpful and I'm learning a lot!

- Eric B, British Columbia

I have already taken your course and passed the exam! I was just wondering why I received an email about ribo information when I live in Alberta, that’s all :) thank you though, your course was great!

- Briana T, Alberta

Learning RIBO Level 1 at my own pace while following the audio lectures and notes provided.  I'm very new to the insurance world and the course is put together well enough for me to be able to follow along without wanting to give up or get lost.  Anyone who wants to get their insurance license to start a new career can most benefit especially those like myself who are completely NEW to the topic.  I would be very disappointed if I could no longer use the program.  10/10 I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague.

- Survey Respondent, Ontario

Hello! Thank you for the welcome email, the sign up was extremely easy, the layout is great once I figure out how to print the workbook in its entirety.  We had positive feedback from someone who had taken her fundamentals this way and passed.  Also do you have Corporate Pricing for bulk, as our company will I am sure be using your service.  First impression so far is awesome!!!

- Corrina C, British Columbia

Thank you much for your care.now I am done with level 1 and waiting for level 2 exam.

- Pan H

Helps to hear a voice explain the materials to support my understanding of it. The notes are great too to highlight key points (they are written in the same formatting I do notes so they make sense and it is a time-saver).  It benefits those that learn better in a classroom setting who need to hear and see the materials. Because the recordings are chunked into manageable segments it makes it easy to understand, re-listen, review and focus.

- Survey Respondent

I passed [Alberta Level 2 exam] 3 weeks ago.  Thank you for asking.  Jack is very helpful.  I love that he provides personal Q&A services. Whenever I have a question, I can reach him and he always answers them in a timely manner.

- Lancy Q, Alberta

Your course is really good.  Planning on referring people over to do it as well.

- Manveer, British Columbia

I passed my Fundamentals of insurance today , thanks to you and your team .

- Meenu G, British Columbia

Enjoyed taking the AB Level 2 General course with Jack at PNC...and looking forward to more courses down the road.  If learning at your own pace and at times convenient for you, I highly recommend PNC!

- Don V, Alberta

I originally took this course and was disappointed in the content. All of the material is abbreviated which makes it difficult to understand if your brand new to the industry. There were also many spelling and wording errors. It is basically just the policy wordings re-written with no further explanation which makes it impossible to understand and remember if your not great at strict memorization. There are a few short audios added as well but it is just literally someone reading exactly the wording you have in front of you there is no further explanation. The positive is that you can ask questions via email or instant message and they are answered promptly. I ended up finishing this course not feeling prepared at all for my exam. I took a different course after and had great success and passed my exam first try. I would not recommend PNC Learning.

- Jess M, Alberta

The CAIB 3 exam went well, your resources were very helpful.  There wasn't really any question I couldn't answer.  I honestly found studying for the CAIB 3 with your voice commentary and then your notes very helpful.  The exams helped to prepare for how they word the exam questions, which was super helpful as well.  The long exam that you gave me basically had questions written in exam style so it proved to be a great study tool.

- Jackie C, Toronto, Ontario

First impression is great! I actually have obtained my Caib 1 years ago and am excited to get it again. I am really enjoying every part of this website it is so user friendly! I do not see myself failing with the tools you provide! I did this in a class before one day a week and it was pretty hard to stay focused it was very dry. 

- Freedom W.

Hello Jack, I have completed the [RIBO] Level 1 and planning  to write level 2 in a couple of months.  Your materials are the best and really helped me succeed.

- Tolulope A, Waterloo, Ontario

Thank you, You program is amazing. 

- Jade M, Alberta

Hi Jack, I have your course for CAIB 2 (and 3) and let me first say that your notes are excellent: they're concise and they filter out a lot of the unnecessary stuff.

- Jason J

Hi Jacques, Thank you for your lesson it's very helpful. I passed level 1.

- Min

I hope you are doing well and keep safe. Thank you for your email and warm welcome. The courses impressed me so much because of your amazing study notes. I would probably struggled with those thick text books if I didn't have access to your helpful courses. I haven't watched the presentations yet, but I did a quick through read of the notes. The notes outlines and summarizes key points straight to the examble objectives which makes students' life much easier. Enabling the study processe much smoothier and way more efficient comparing to the conventional method. I'm really grateful and proud of that. I first did view the trial courses and then I heard that my friend also enrolled your courses. That's eventually convinced me. I have a strong feeling of your dedications to students success and I hope I can get the designation successfully soon by your helpful courses and studying materials. Appreciate. Thanks again. 

- Phil (Shanghang) Li

I attempted the exam just by reading the textbook and studying by myself, but sadly that didn't work out. Then I knew I needed some help. I signed up because I love how you break down the materials into important key terms so it is very easy to follow. I was convinced to sign up since you present like how "normal" people would talk, I think it will benefit me as it is less confusing.

- Travis Ng

I attempted the exam just by reading the textbook and studying by myself, but sadly that didn't work out. Then I knew I needed some help. I signed up because I love how you break down the materials into important key terms so it is very easy to follow. I was convinced to sign up since you present like how "normal" people would talk, I think it will benefit me as it is less confusing.

- Varinder

Simple said, this course is all you need to pass the RIBO exam. It lays out all the information in a easy to ready structure and systematically tests your knowledge throughout the course.

- Hamid N, Ontario

Hi Jack, Yes I passed my CAIB 2 exam this week only. Now I am working on my CAIB 3. Really appreciate your help. The online course was very helpful. Although I am already working since last 3 years in British Columbia as an Autoplan Insurance agent but still open for good opportunities. First priority is get Level 2 . Thanks 

- Ravinder M, British Columbia

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your program, I passed my [Alberta] Level 1 test last week and am super excited about it. I start my new job in the new year. I honestly would not have done as well as I did without PNC Learning. When I go to write my Level 2 exam, I will be sure to use your program again. Ill also recommend it to anyone who needs a resource to help them study.  [Update: I passed Level 2 today!]

- Jared P, Alberta

Hey Jacques, The previous [CAIB 1 & CAIB 2] courses went well, I barely got to studying couple weeks in advance and managed to get about 70% which I’m quite satisfied with!

- Alaisha A, Nova Scotia

I've been listening to your course over the last 2 weeks and it's strange hearing your voice in real life now.  Your course is much better than the book.  Some of the stuff in the book I don't even know what they're saying.  I passed with 90%. 
UPDATE: I got CAIB 1 ,2 & 3 completed through PNC Learning. Thanks man!

- Meetu M, British Columbia

Thanks for your help Jack! I passed!!! Onto level 2.

- Rose O, British Columbia

Hi! I passed the fundamental of Insurance exam

- Kirandeep, British Columbia

The course is set up well and easy to follow and  understand.  And I'm grateful that you're always available for help if needed.  You were such a great help over the course and I have you to thank for passing.

- Derek L, Alberta (course taken: RIBO 1)

Hey Jack!  I passed my Fundamentals exam with 83%.  Thank you!

- Taran G, British Columbia

The most important for me to register is that, I feel the PNC learning website is well established, maintain and keep the business developing! And saw you are graduated from SFU, I believe you know the exam better and design the study is more effective! And through WeChat, answered all my questions with professional knowledge. 

- Judy Q, Ontario

I passed my CAIB 2 exam and the CAIB 3 exam went pretty good.  It was much easier than the practice questions in your course!   [Update: I passed CAIB 3 with 84%]

- Sherry Q, British Columbia

Hey Jack, Yes I have passed my CAIB 3 now.  Thanks for all the help!

- Ryan C, British Columbia (InsureBC)

Hi Jack, Passed [Alberta Level 1] with 81%😊 Thanks to PNC!!!

- Tolu A, Alberta

Hey Jack, Just wanted to update you. I passed the [RIBO] Equivalency exam ! Your course material really does help with breaking down & simplifying context ! Thanks for your support !

- Kenneth K, Ontario

It was all clear and concise. I am working with the branch manager of the subsequent company I will be hired at, given that I pass the exam sunday. This has been an immense help in preparing for the test, as in person courses were closed due to Covid. Thanks a ton.

- Jack M, Ontario

Good Morning Jack, thank you for the follow up.  I have passed my CAIB 2 exam.  The online course provided by you really helped.


Just a short note to let you know I passed my CAIB 1 exam!

- Betty F, Ontario

I took my Alberta general level one course through PNC learning and passed my first time. Absolutely amazing course and support. The material is so organized and easy to understand, and if you ever have a question the response time is very fast. They help you out with anything you need. I cannot express how amazing this program was and how grateful I am for their help. I will be recommending taking courses through PNC learning to as many people as I can.

- Avery E, Alberta

Hi Jack, I have great news....sat the exam yesterday and I passed.  Your notes really did help...mostly when I listened online as you broke it down and gave examples that made me understand in more detail how the policy works.  

Think I panicked in the exam a bit when I saw how it was set up but I remembered how you broke down the policies and said to look at the resultant fact which assisted me.
I will be sitting the general 2 exam soon and definitely will utilize your services again.

- Kameka H, Alberta

Hi Jacques, just wanted to tell you that I took the [Alberta General Insurance] Level 1 exam last Tuesday and passed at 86%.  Thanks for your help!! :)

- Y Y, Alberta

Navigating may take me a bit but so far it looks promising , ive done the ibabc one and find it quite dry and was looking for something a little more point form concentrating on the things we need for the exam, the ils course I find doesn’t hone in enough to the points that we need. From the reviews I was impressed and thought I would give it a try and it lasts more than 3 months.

- Michelle M, British Columbia

Thank you Jack. I love your course it is written so I can actually understand the information. Thank you for sending me the link to level 2. I’m gonna start it on Monday. That way everything is still fresh in my mind👍🏻. Thanks again for totally helping me pass. Whew...one down... [UPDATE:] Hiiii Thanks so much for your helping me get my Level 2 license. Wrote yesterday and passed. Hoot Hoot !!

- Kim H, Alberta

Hello!  I wanted to thank you again for your support during my studies of CAIB 2.  I'm happy to say that I passed.

- Mindy B

Hello!  Thank you for the introduction. I have not looked too deeply into the course but I took a browse and the first thing that stood out was the definition section. Very helpful as the regular L2 book can be lacking and a wild goose chase. Another broker in our office took your L1 course and loved it so we both decided to take the L2 course.

- Willow W, Alberta

Hi Jack!  I have passed CAIB 2 so now I am looking to do CAIB 3 & 4.  How much will it be?

- Ava C, British Columbia

Hi, great news, passed!

- Laura B, Alberta

I love the material because it is very clear and easy to understand.

- Fengrong L, Ontario

I am finding the course content very relatable and I love the set up. You will get a more than excellent review from me I have a learning disability so for me to be able to understand and absorb this material is insanely incredible and helpful

- Kel Z

Hello, I spent some time looking through all courses listed on the Alberta insurance counsel website. After reviewing my options I picked your course because the out of all self study courses available yours was displayed in the most functional way. Other sites I looked at were less modern or wouldn't operate properly from my phone. I didn't want to sign up for something that just looking at the website was a hassle. Your course appears to be straight forward, functional and comes in a more modern format so I decided to go for it! Thank you

- Stefany S, Alberta

Yes I've passed my level 1 and recently my level 2 also.  I've recently signed with an agency. 

For sure your courses helped and will recommend your courses to anyone who might want to get into insurance :)

- Leon C, British Columbia

Hi Jack, I wrote my [RIBO 1] exam and passed with 85%.  I have a job set up in Ontario.  The course was very helpful!

- Tyler F, Ontario

Hello Jacques, I was out of the country for 3 months and just got back.  Yes, I passed the CAIB 1 exam.

- Chris O, Manitoba

I forgot to message you I passed my exam in August. I am currently employed as a level 1 broker. Thank you for your course. I will be taking my level 2 soon :)

- Christopher C

I've been lucky to study for three months full time... 4-5 hours per day.  Your course is definitely a mandatory supplement to the Insurance Institute course.  [The] way [your course] asks questions... good summarizing helped a lot... very mandatory for me... So for CAIB 1..I can say that your course is top notch...  Let me know if I can write a comment or help you to promote your course because... I am sure I wouldn't pass without it... Having a background in human resources in Geneva...it was my task to empower people and show them that they can access, reach what they want... Thank you again..

- Oktay G, British Columbia

Hey Jack. I thought I'd let you know that I passed my [Alberta Level 2] exam!

- Lori M, Alberta

Hello Jack, I know you ask me to do this survey earlier but I wanted to wait until I wrote the exam. Today I got my mark, 78%. I struggled and wrote the CAIB 4 exam 3 times previously after studying with a competitor of yours. It took my 4th attempt, a year later to pass. Thank you for having such a great set up and program to learn from. Thank you, DJ 

- David L

Hi Jack, Just wanna let you know that I passed my RIBO level 1 exam after I study your materials. It is really helpful! I just want to say thank you to you! I will study RIBO level 2 once I qualify! Thank you

- Xiao Z, Ontario

I had purchased the level 1 general insurance for Alberta in February and passed, thanks for all the help!

- Mandey V, Alberta

It's easy to understand and I don't have to spend too much time on classes.  I recommend this for a person who has no time to spend on classes.  I would be very disappointed if I could no longer use this program.

- Anonymous Survey Participant

Good Afternoon Jack: Thank You for outlining the course in the vernacular. It is SO much easier to understand than the 'dry' textbook.  It's FINALLY making sense.

- Mona F., Alberta

The app, notes, online guide has been very well designed.

- Sim S

Hi Jack,

This email is regarding my signup for the full version of the course with PNC learning. This course was amazing and gave me an in-depth understating of insurance. 

The multiple choice and the understanding of what the answer was, helped further my knowledge within the understating of RIBO and Insurance. I would like to thank the PNC learning team a lot.



- Jeet, Ontario

This course is easy to learn.  The people who would benefit the most from this program is someone like me who has 2 young children and can do it in my spare time in the comfort of my own home.  I would be very disappointed if I could no longer use this program.  I think it's perfectly done!

- Anonymous Survey Participant

Hi Jack, Your notes are super helpful, simplified wording and straight forward.  I'll definitely refer your site you my fellow colleague who seeing to take any of the insurance courses.

- Jun L, Ontario

Hello Jack, Hope everything goes well with you.  I did [the Fundamentals of Insurance] exam on June 3rd and got 92.

- Shadi G, British Columbia

Good morning Jacques, Thank you for the follow up, yes I have taken the exam and passed. I am also licensed with a brokerage as well, I have signed up for the CE reminders below.

- John I, Alberta

I like that I can train on my own time.  This program is good for me I'm a work at home mom so it's been great to do it on my own time.

- Anonymous Survey Participant

Hi jack, I have passed my Fundamentals of insurance exam last year

- Tanveer M, British Columbia

The course is good. Helped me to understand concepts.

- Paul J, Ontario

Yayyy! I passed :)

- Paul L, Alberta

To be fair there is a lot of information here that I am able to reference back too. Plus the audio has tons of explanations and examples. Thank you.

- Almeida, Ontario

Hi Jack, I figured I'd let you know I took this course and passed the exam. There were definitely questions on the exam that weren't covered in your course, but i guess that's to be expected. Either way there was enough info to allow me to pass. And it's set up well; it doesn't take long to get through the full course material. 

- Aaron B, Alberta

from Toronto Hi Jack, I would like to thank you for your help.  If I have questions he is always there to help.  study online and the handouts were very useful.  English is my second language.  I was struggling to pass the RIBO exam, and I did it with jack's online courses.  I passed my RIBO exam with 80%. I suggest to everyone who wants to pass the RIBO courses.  You're Awesome!

- Fariba D, Ontario

So far its extremely helpful. I listen to the lecture before bed or on the way to work and the notes are really easy to understand and i love all the extra helpful practice exams. I feel alot safer taking the exam now. And such great value only 300 for caib 2 and 3! Other companies would charge double.

- Archia A

Jack, The system you have in place at PNC works.

- Paul C, Ontario

I took my level 1 in AB using Jack's course. I wrote it within 4 weeks and passed it! It was very helpful and saves as ton of time that you would have to spend going through dry reading material. I will be using other courses of his in the future!

- Trent O, Alberta

Good morning!. I did take my level one and passed. Planning on work in on my level 2 in the fall

- Rachel K, Alberta

Hi Jack, Cleared my AB general Level 1 today. Thanks for your brilliant course design. Looking forward to do Level 2

- Raj V, Alberta

I passed my RIBO exam ! Thank you for your help and guidance ! I scored 85.5%!

- Sarah A, Ontario

Hi Jack, a quick question. I got my result and it says passed.

- Nisha S, Ontario

Hi Jack, I’m happy to tell you I was able to pass my exam. Thank you so much for your assistance. My co- worker Sheri and I had split your course as we both wrote together and she had a few hurdles and wasn’t successful this time around. Would she be able to reach out to you for some guidance? Please let me know what platform would be best to provide a review for the course. Take Care have a good weekend.

- Nicole T, Alberta

Just to let you know I've passed my Level 1. I was offered a job not long after I started the course. I am working as a broker with Brokerlink :) They said the score wasn't bad considering the test and it was my 2nd attempt. 

- Danielle J (Broker Link), Alberta

I have no previous experience in Insurance industry. With the material supplied by PNC, I was able to pass my level 1. Anytime I had a question or I did not understand the concept, I was able to contact Jack , and he got back to me very quickly, and took the time to explain. I also dealt a little with Hewaida and was very through in explaining. Pay attention to “every word” in the notes and the audio presentation, this will help you in grasping the information. The notes are excellent and to the point. The cost of this course is substantially less than the other course on the market . Well worth the cost and value! Thank you, Mohamed

- Rachel K, Alberta

Hello! I got a job at Western Financial and they obviously require Level 1. I have been studying for 2 days so far and feel overwhelmed. I searched up some extra help and your course popped up! I tried the demo and read the reviews and was convinced. So far I really like it and love that you have video/verbal supplements.

- Olivia E, British Columbia

I'm so grateful for the Pnc program it really helped me and i've learned a lot this online course , I just passed the Fundamental exams and to sir Jacques who's very flexible and supportive in every way.. Maria

- Maria C, British Columbia

I am pleased to report that I wrote - and passed - my level 1 exam last Friday.

- Mark D, Alberta

Hi Jack,

You would be happy to know that i scored 82 in RIBO level 1. Thanks for all your study material and guidance throughout. I know i have been bothering too much lately.. but the efforts paid.. sooo happy! 


- Sakshi N, Ontario

So easy to use and understand. Great to listen to when you are on the go, as well as use the downloads and the practice exams were so helpful!

- Corrie D, Ontario

Hello Jack, Just want to let you know I got 88 on my CAIB 2 exam.

- Annette P

I passed my exam with a 78

- Marc L (The Co-operators), Alberta

Thanks Jack, I really appreciate the help you have been giving these past weeks! I feel that PNC is the way to go when it comes studying for these courses! I have referred your online course to a two people over the weekend, they are considering going to work in a brokerage. Greg ;-)

- Greg, Ontario

Hey Jack, I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and the tips. It helped out a lot. I found out today that I passed the exam, so thanks.

- Jayden K, Alberta

Hey Jack, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam this time around, and also wanted to say thank you for not only making things clear and easy to understand throughout the course, but also for being available when I was unsure about something. I really appreciate it.

- Justin H, Alberta

PNC Learning provides excellent quality courses for those entering or continuing their studies in the field of General Insurance. Jack is a great course instructor, informative, and well spoken. He gives good examples to help you understand the material.

- Nancy G, Alberta

I used your program to study for my level 1 and I like the structure and resources! I'm taking my CAIB 2 and 3 over the next couple of months so I'm hoping your program will help me pass on the first try for both!

- Rachel

PNC Learning is a very great learning tool and helped me pass Alberta General Level 1 exam. Will definitely purchase the level 2 course.

- Xiaosui H, Alberta

Passed my exam on the first try! The course is very affordable. Cuts out the nonsense and 99% of what I learned was on the exam. Whenever I had a question jack responded within 24 hours which was amazing! I did take the fundamentals so it was multiple choice. Study tip: there's 3 sections, for ME, the first focused on the intro, the 2nd focused on home and a bit of commercial(try to remember coverage amounts and co insurance and FSWILLER!!!), the 3rd focused on liability and a small bit of auto!

- Alixe A, British Columbia

Recently, I successfully passed the RIBO 1 exam with the help of your outstanding course.

- Shankar P, Ontario

I previously took your level 2 course and passed.I have now 4 CIP courses.

- Mike K

I passed with 76%...ill write a testimonial for you and jack for pnc if you like....thanks so much!😎

- Denny C, Alberta

Just writing to say thanks for such a great level 1 general insurance course. I found out today I passed on my first try. I studied your course and IIC together and it was such a great combination. Ill be signing up for level 2 with pnc as well. 

- Kayla Y, Alberta

I am very happy to inform you that I have passed my Fundamental of Insurance Level 1 exam today. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and support extended. Found the course very helpful. Need your guidance for the future opportunities. 

- Kiran B, British Columbia

Hi i finished and passed my level 1. 

- Maryl A, British Columbia

Just wanted to thank you for your help and for putting together an excellent practice course. I got my exam results back yesterday and passed with an 80%. I will be leaving a great review on the PNC website and if there is any other feedback you suggest I check out please let me know. 

- Pabst B, Ontario

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