Course Description

This course is meant to be used for:

  • Brokers licensed in other provinces trying to get their equivalencies in Ontario; OR
  • OTL (Other than Life) brokers in Ontario looking to get their RIBO 1 license.

This course supplement covers: RIB Act, By-laws, Regulations, and Ontario Auto Insurance.  The course is valid for 6 months.



"I passed the [RIBO] Equivalency exam! Your course material really does help with breaking down & simplifying context! Thanks for your support!"

- Kenneth K

(Courses Taken: RIBO Equivalency Course)

"Jack, I am excited to share that I cleared the RIBO Act and By laws.. All thanks to you.. It was the best investment I ever made.  I found it hard to understand RIB Act and hence was not able to clear it in the first try.. Your course made it easy to understand as it was put in simple language and it was narrated very clearly.  I am planning to start my own brokerage and I can assure you that any new broker I plan to bring on board will go thru your course."  

- Jay A, Ontario  

(Courses Taken: RIBO Equivalency Course)

"Just wanted to say that the PNC learning course and Jacques has been a great tool in preparing for my RIBO Equivalency. I was able to pass the exam with just under 2 weeks preparation thanks to the course. He took what is generally very dry material and made it easy to understand. He also went above and beyond by replying to urgent text msgs when I needed help. Would definitely recommend this site! [UPDATE: thanks to your course, I got a 95%]"

- Joshua M, Ontario

(Courses Taken: RIBO Equivalency Course)

"The course is designed well for me to go through as it's online and I can listen to your presentation rather than studying the book which makes me feel sleepy :). My exam went well today, the PNC online course was very much helpful. I could even write case study for 10 marks correct. [UPDATE: I got my exam results today. I got 85%, thank you again on your help.]"

- Harika M, Ontario

(Courses Taken: RIBO 1 Course)

Lead Instructor

Jacques Wong

Jacques has worked in education since 2009 and has been in the insurance industry since 2013.  In 2015, he won an Insurance Brokers Association award for academic excellence after scoring 97% in CAIB 3 and again in 2019 for scoring 96% in CAIB 4.

He has adapted his own study materials, blended it with his educational background and brings his ability to simplify complex ideas to students through these online courses.

Outside of his day job as a insurance broker, he lends his industry expertise to readers by writing for Insuranceopedia.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Start Here - Important Information

    • How To Video

  • 2


    • Ontario Automobile Insurance Notes

    • RIB Act, Regulations & By-Laws Notes

    • Textbook/Printed Materials Order Form

  • 3

    Auto Insurance in Ontario

    • Introduction to Automobile Insurance

    • Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

    • OAP 1 - Owner's Form

    • Endorsements

    • The Facility Association

    • OAP 2 - Driver's Policy

    • OAP 4 - Garage Automobile Policy

    • Standard Policy Forms (SPF)

    • Ontario Automobile Insurance Quiz

    • [NEW] Automobile Insurance Exam (57 Questions)

  • 4

    RIB Act, By-laws & Regulations

    • Key Points

    • Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIB) Act

    • Ontario Regulations 989, 990, 991

    • Ontario By-Laws 1, 2, 20, 21, etc.

    • Additional Resources For RIBO 3 Unrestricted Management

    • RIB Act Practice Questions

    • [NEW] RIB Act & Regulations Exam (60 Questions)