PNC Learning's instructor-led online course prepares you for CAIB® 1 or Fundamentals of Insurance exams in Canada and your Level 1 license in BC, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI, NF


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Why insurance?

Whether you want to sell home, auto or business insurance, this is a great industry to make a career in - you're helping protect people from financial ruin, it's recession proof and its relatively high paying. says that insurance brokers in Canada earn an average salary of $43,421/yr.

But the first step is to pass the Level 1 exam.

Who needs PNC Learning's Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Online Exam Prep Course? 

This course helps you get licensed even if you have:

  • No experience
  • No time
  • English isn't your first language
  • You are "bad" at studying

With some of the best student feedback in the industry and over 38,000 enrollments, our Level 1 Licensing Package helps new brokers pass the Fundamentals of Insurance exam & experienced brokers pass the CAIB* 1 exam.  

Earn your license and start your insurance career in under 3 weeks saving you months of study time and stress.

"PNC Learning is a great learning tool. It is well organized and laid out and really expedites the time required to learn the material. Jack is very quick to respond to any questions. I was able to pass my first 3 CAIB* exams in a very short time. I would recommend PNCL to anyone"

- Clayton Canart, Manitoba

(Courses Taken: CAIB* 1 course, 2, 3 & 4)

"This is the best online course for Fundamentals. It is well laid out and easy to follow. I found it much better than the textbook. The audio/visual format caters to all learning styles and the mock exams were great. I felt supported all the way. Very impressive... Well worth the price."

- Cheryl D (The Cooperators)

(Courses Taken: Fundamentals of Insurance Course)


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  • Downloadable PNC Learning Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Exam Prep Textbook (only 32 pages long + Supplements): this easy-to-use condensed note package gives you exactly what you need to know to pass your Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB* 1 exam with ZERO jargon (a $100 value)
  • Online Lectures: multi-media lectures with detailed examples and explanations to help you understand difficult concepts
  • Glossary of Key Terms: get the key terms and definitions explained in a simple way
  • Study Anywhere 24/7: on-the-go on computer, phone, tablet or print things out
  • Instant Access: get instant access to all of the study material online
  • [NEW] Subtitles/CC: expanding accessibility for all types of learners
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  • Study & Exam Tips: save time by studying efficiently and learn the tips you need to pass the exam on the first try
  • ~1000 Practice Questions, Chapter Quizzes & Mock Exams: test yourself, get instant feedback on your progress and face the exam with confidence
  • Personal Course Tutor: don't study alone, get instant one-on-one help from a licensed instructor by phone or online using our built-in live-chat app
  • 24/7 Customer Support 
  • 8 Months Access: it should take less than 3 weeks but we give you 8 months 
  • [NEW] Mobile App Experience: make studying even more convenient on-the-go with our new mobile app

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  • Guaranteed Pass: didn't pass the first time?  Come back and study for free until you do
  • Career Advice & Ongoing Mentorship: find a job fast through our employment partners
  • Eligible for Canada Training Credit (50% reimbursement) or Tuition Tax Credit (if applicable)
  • Free Updates: you get the latest updates as they're released (applied automatically)

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"I took your courses and passed 3 exams in 4 weeks! I was listening to your lectures repeatedly on mobile and they were so easy to remember. You explain things very well and your notes really distilled all the info in so few pages. Thank you for making my certification process so short and easy."

- Rocky G, CAIB (The Co-operators)

(Courses Taken: Fundamentals of Insurance, CAIB* 1, 2, 3 & 4)

"Jacques' knowledge of insurance and his way of teaching was the reason I was so confident going into the exam. After doing the online course and all the practice questions, I knew I would pass."

- Luiz D (Alteri Insurance)

(Courses Taken: Fundamentals of Insurance)

"I just passed my Fundamentals exam thanks to the program. Literally went through it once and did 2 practice exams. Studies for about only 12 hours with your program!"

- Rajan H

(Courses Taken: Fundamentals, CAIB* 2 & 3)

"Your notes were articulate, to the point and helped immensely to clear the first CAIB* exam. One day of focused and dedicated study was enough. Jack - even on a Sunday was online to help out!! So happy to have a mentor like him."

- Sanjay G, Surrey BC

(Courses Taken: CAIB* 1, 2 & 3)

PS. Need to get a Level 2 License as well?  Bundle up and save $200 with the Level 1 & 2 Bundle.

All prices listed already include tax.   If you're a brokerage owner/manager, contact us for wholesale pricing.

For Ontario residents, see our  RIBO 1 course. 

For Alberta residents, see our  Alberta General Level 1 course. 

For Saskatchewan residents, see our  Saskatchewan Level 1 course . 

Unsure which course is right for you?  Click here to see more or contact us for help.

Lead Instructor

Jacques Wong

Jacques has worked in education since 2009 and has been in the insurance industry since 2013.  In 2015, he won an Insurance Brokers Association award for academic excellence after scoring 97% in CAIB 3 and again in 2019 for scoring 96% in CAIB 4.

He has adapted his own study materials, blended it with his educational background and brings his ability to simplify complex ideas to students through these online courses.

Outside of his day job as a insurance broker, he lends his industry expertise to readers by writing for Insuranceopedia.

More Student Reviews

5 star rating


Basir Chand

5 star rating

Liability Insurance

Zoran Kuljic

An excellent course, short, precised and easy to remember

An excellent course, short, precised and easy to remember

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Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Exam Prep Course Notes

    • Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Exam Prep Course Notes (中文 / Chinese Version)

    • Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Exam Prep Course Notes 2 (Broker Regulations)

    • Automobile Insurance in Canada Notes

    • Fundamentals of Insurance / CAIB 1 Exam Prep Course Practice Exam 1

    • Additional Practice Questions

    • Glossary of Key Action Words

    • Glossary of Key Terms

    • Textbook/Printed Notes Discount Code

    • Textbook/Printed Materials Order Form

  • 3

    Introduction to Insurance

    • [NEW] Chapter 1 - Introduction to Insurance

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • [NEW] Chapter 2 - Government & Insurance Industry Regulations

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • [NEW] Chapter 3 - Contract Law & Insurance Contracts

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • [NEW] Chapter 4 - Insurance Process & Participants

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

  • 4

    Property Insurance

    • [NEW] Chapter 5 - Characteristics of Property Insurance Policies

    • Chapter 5 Quiz

    • [NEW] Chapter 6 - Personal Property Insurance (Habitational Forms)

    • Chapter 6 Quiz

    • Chapter 6A - Personal Property Endorsements Supplement Notes

    • [NEW] Chapter 6A - Personal Property Endorsements Supplement Lecture

    • Optional Assignment - Make Tables

    • Homeowners Insurance Comparison Table

    • [NEW] Chapter 7 - Commercial Property Insurance

    • Chapter 7 Quiz

    • Coinsurance Explainer

  • 5

    Midterm Review

    • Midterm Check-up

    • [NEW] Introduction to Insurance Exam (50 Questions)

    • [NEW] Personal Property Insurance Exam (50 Questions)

  • 6

    Liability Insurance

    • [NEW] Chapter 8 - Basics of Legal Liability

    • Chapter 8 Quiz Part 1

    • Chapter 8 Quiz Part 2

    • [NEW] Chapter 9 - Liability Insurance Policies

    • Chapter 9 Quiz

  • 7

    Farm Insurance

    • Chapter 10 - Farm Insurance Notes

    • [NEW] Chapter 10 - Farm Insurance

    • Chapter 10 Quiz

  • 8

    Accident & Sickness / Travel Insurance

    • [NEW] - Accident & Sickness / Travel Insurance

    • Chapter 11 Quiz

    • Chapter 11A - Travel Insurance Supplement Notes

    • [NEW] - Travel Insurance Supplement Lecture

    • Chapter 11A Quiz

  • 9

    Broker Regulations & Professionalism

    • [NEW] Chapter 12 - Regulations & Professionalism

    • Chapter 12 Quiz

    • Chapter 12A - Regulation/Professionalism Supplement Notes

    • [NEW] Chapter 12A - Regulations/Professionalism Supplement Lecture

  • 10

    Automobile Insurance in BC

    • Automobile Insurance in BC Notes

    • [NEW] Chapter 13 - Automobile Insurance in BC

    • Unlisted Driver Surcharge Explainer

    • Chapter 13 Quiz

    • [NEW] Autoplan Insurance Exam (25/101 Questions)

  • 11

    Auto Insurance in Canada

    • [NEW] Chapter 13A - Basics of Automobile Insurance

    • [NEW] Chapter 13A - Statutory Conditions & Endorsements

    • [NEW] Chapter 13A - Automobile Insurance Policies

    • Chapter 13A - Automobile Insurance (Provincial Variations: BC, AB, ON, MB, NB, NS, PE, NL, YT, NT, NU)

    • Chapter 13A Quiz

  • 12

    Final Review

    • Final Check-up

    • [NEW] Liability Insurance Exam (60 Questions)

    • {NEW] Automobile Insurance Exam (57 Questions)

    • [NEW] Computer Generated Final Exam (100/315 Questions)

  • 13

    [NEW] Lectures (Audio-only Version)

    • NOTICE

    • Chapter 1 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 2 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 3 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 4 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 5 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 6 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 6A Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 7 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 8 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 9 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 10 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 11 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 11A Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 12 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 12A Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 13 Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 13A - Basics of Automobile Insurance Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 13A - Statutory Conditions & Endorsements Audio Lectures

    • Chapter 13A - Automobile Insurance Policies Audio Lectures

  • 14


    • Ending Remarks

    • Employment Assistance & Software Training

    • Video Lecture Feedback

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