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Our courses focus on the latest industry changes (ie. cannabis and blockchain) and key knowledge not covered in your licensing exams (ie. wrap up liability, professional liability, etc.) but necessary to become a top performing insurance broker/agent.

If there are specific lines of business (ie. construction insurance) that you want learn about, this is where to do it.  

Courses also come with a breakdown of relevant case law that is updated regularly to arm you with talking points for clients that will help you SELL.




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Douglas Everett, CIP, Lead CE Instructor

Douglas started in the insurance industry in 1974 working in claims, commercial lines, and marketing before landing as President of CHES Special Risks Inc.  In 1979, he received his CIP Designation and became an Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC).

In 1985, he became an Approved Instructor for the Insurance Institute of Canada.  Since then, he’s run seminars and CE courses for brokers all over the world including helping to create several certification programs for insurance brokers and MGA's.  Doug also has work published in Canadian Underwriter Magazine: Terrorist Acts Insurance (2015) & Faulty Workmanship (2016).

At PNC Learning, Doug shares his expertise with students by creating CE courses covering critical broker skills and all of the latest and most important topics impacting our industry today.

Regular RIBO Brokers need 8 hours of RIBO CE credits each year between October 1st and September 30th.  

RIBO CE courses taken must include: 1 hr Ethics, 3 hours Technical, and up to 2 hours Personal Skills.  Once these minimum categories are met, you can take whatever courses you want to make up the mandatory 8 hours (ie. 2 more RIBO Accredited Technical courses).  

Up to 8 hours of RIBO credits can be carried over to the next year.

Principal Brokers and Deputy Principal Brokers need 10 hours.  At minimum, you must take the following RIBO CE courses: 1 hour Ethics, 5 hours Management, and Personal Skills cannot be used.  Once this minimum criteria is met, you can take whatever combination of courses you want to make up the mandatory 10 hours (ie. 4 more RIBO Accredited Technical courses).

Up to 10 hours of RIBO credits can be carried over to the next year.

Newly Licensed RIBO Brokers need to meet their 8 RIBO CE credit requirement the first October after registration.

Our RIBO CE courses include the RIBO Course Category it was accredited for on the certificate of completion. 

General Insurance Agents and Adjusters in Alberta need 15 hours of CE credits between July 1st and the next June 30th.  You can carry forward up to 7.5 hours of credits to the next year.

Our AIC Accredited CE courses come with an Alberta Accreditation Committee Course ID on the certificate of completion.

All General Insurance Agents/Brokers in British Columbia must get 8 accredited CE course credit hours per year between June 1 to May 31 regardless of licensing level, designations held or years of experience.

Regular licensees are required to get 12 CE credit hours each year.

Experienced licensees with at least 25 years of continuous general insurance experience only need 8 CE credit hours a year.

Designation-holding licensees need 8 CE credits a year.

All General Insurance Brokers in Manitoba need 8 CE credits between June 1st and May 31st.  You can carry forward up to 4 hours of CE hours to the next year.

Our Insurance Council of Manitoba accredited CE courses come with an ICM Course # on the certificate of completion.

Province Codes: 

To find specific courses for your province or RIBO credit category, refer to the legend below and look for courses tagged with the code for your province or credit category.

  • BC = British Columbia
  • AB or AIC = Alberta
  • SK = Saskatchewan
    • SK-ETHICS = An Insurance Council of Saskatchewan Approved Ethics Course (part of the Mandatory Ethics Training)
  • MB = Manitoba
  • ON or RIBO = Ontario
    • RIBO-TECH = Technical Credits
    • RIBO-ETHICS = Ethics Credits
    • RIBO-MGMT = Management Credits
    • RIBO-PERSONAL SKILLS = Personal Skills Credits

If there's something you'd like to learn about but can't find here, let us know and we'll be happy to build it for you or your team.

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